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12 Reasons why Some students fail examinations in Nigeria

12 Reasons why Some students fail examinations in Nigeria. An article written by Ali Khadija.

why student fail examination in nigeria

We all attend school (University) to gain knowledge & skills which help us to become successful in the future. But this success depends solely on passing our exams.

There are many reasons behind the failure of University students in their exams.

In this post we’ll discuss some of those reasons!


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Why Student fail Examination in Nigeria

1. Lack of preparedness;

This is experienced mainly by first year students, though students of other grades faces it but not as first year students.

Students leaving home for the first time must balance school and other activities as well as make the majority of their life decisions independently. In some cases, students aren’t mentally, emotionally or academically ready to handle the demands of University classes.

Some lack the necessary motivation and work ethic. Others struggle with the emotional difficulties that come with being on their own.

All this will surely affect the student & his/her Studies. Leading to poor performance in examinations.

2. Laziness

Laziness is the main reason as to why most students fail exams. A lazy students finds it difficult to finds it difficult to read, attend classes, do assignments and also put less interest in doing research.

Therefore when exams comes he/she will either Rush to prepare or do the exams unprepared, leading to failure.

3. Poor reading habits;

Yeah! This is why Many students fail their exams. Students understand topics after reading in different manners,some are able to store in their mind what they have read while other find it difficult to do so as some do cramming in which all they have read vanishes once they are in exam room. Some do skimming instead of reading which make them difficult to pass exams.

The study habits necessary to pass University are often a step up from what some students are used to in high school.

Even students who generally succeed in Secondary school can fail because they don’t enter college with the requisite study skills.

Typically, to perform well, you have to spend dedicated time taking notes in class, reading the materials, reviewing content and preparing for tests.

You need to be well-organized to keep track of study requirements and deadlines for multiple classes and make regular trips to the school library to use quiet space for studying, away from busy dorms, apartments or campus events.

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4. Lack of concentrations:

Some students put less concentrations on their study due to the fact that they are too much engaged in other activities such as being involved in campus sport activities, these make them have less time in academic matters causing the student to fail exams.

5- Too much stress

Students may already be feeling more pressure to perform well in college than they did in high school.

Poor time management can add to that pressure. If a student feels as if they are constantly playing catch up with academic work, they may exhibit signs of stress including headaches, anxiousness and disturbed sleep.

Sleep is a valuable commodity in college and is often shunned in favor of finishing up that paper due the next day or cramming for an exam.

Time management stress and its symptoms can be aggravated by not getting enough sleep as well as by drugs or alcohol. This will result to failure of exams.

6- Poor attendance;

One of the surest ways to fail a course is to consistently miss it. Some courses include grading components, such as in-class activities, pop quizzes and team projects that can’t be made up.

In Most instances, the bigger issue is that you are out of the loop in a number of ways.

Missing classes can lead to missed homework assignments, papers and projects, especially if you don’t check in regularly with the instructor.

You also miss critical lecture and discussions of topics and content, which can lead to poor performance on tests & exams.

7. Financial problems;

Some students fail exams due to financial issues.Insufficient finance makes student to miss classes this make them to fail exam since they will not have understood some of the topic set in the exam.

Financial matters also makes student not to be able to purchase some of the resources or material used for studying purposes making them fall their exams

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8. Lack of interest;

This is the reason for the failure of students is a total lack of interest in a particular subject or topic in school. This could be caused by several reasons like being lackadaisical and unconcerned. There is absolutely no way a student who lacks interest in a particular course will pass the examinations

9- Bad friends;

Friends also matter to the success in your exams.Some students are influence by peer pressure such that they do most of the things which their friend does at the expenses of concentrating in their exams making them to fail exams.

10- Procrastination;

Procrastination makes students to fail exams,since instead of doing correct thing or study at correct time, they postpone for very long time till the exam approaches when they have no knowledge about it due to procrastination making them fail exams. Don’t procrastinate!

11- Lack of Support and help;

Support systems are important factors for succeeding in every aspect of life. Most students don’t have anyone to look up to for guidance with respect to their academics. Having no one who has passed through the system to put you through some difficulties might be tough.

There is a need for you to have an adult to guide you through your academics. It’s called academic mentorship. This will help you to have a sense of responsibility to report to someone who is looking out for your success.

12- Not studying Past Questions;

Past Questions means alot! When we were in school my classmates use to scold me for studying past question. I don’t care, because I know I’m reading to know how the teacher sets questions not because I’m expecting repetition of Questions.

To be sincere, most examiners are not after failing students. Ask me why. It’s simply because examinations, in the first place, are prepared to test the understanding and the knowledge acquisition level of a student.

If you failed, it is most likely you were not prepared, not because your lecturer wants to fail you.

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Conclusion on “Why Students Fail Exam”

In conclusion, the failure or success of an examination is mostly dependent on the student, rather than circumstances or the teachers. Therefore, it is ideal for every student that doesn’t want to fail to prepare adequately for examinations.

Thank you so much for reading this article, we really do appreciate. We hope you loved it, if you did, please share this page with your friends via the share buttons below. Sharing is caring.

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