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15 Types of Roommates You Will Find in School

Below are the 15 Kind of Roommates You Will Find in Tertiary Institution.

1 – Movie Addict: these watch movies 24/7. They can even ignore Lectures to finish a movie

2 – Borrowers: these just be borrowing everything from you; cloth, Shoes, watch, bag

3 – The Chef: these can cook very well. People who get roommates like this are lucky

4 – Serious Ones: these came to pass the exam. You will always find them Reading, they don’t like disturbance

5 – Singers: these can be somehow annoying. They can have very Nice voice so they will just be singing up and down

6 – Wife Material: these will wash plate, cook, sweep, mop, arrange Room.

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7 – Lovers: every time someone is visiting these. They will just be giving you a signal to leave the room for them.

8 – Music Addict: these are always listening to one song or the other. If no earpiece, they will put it on the loudspeaker and disturb everybody

9 – Party Goers: these must attend every school party. They will come back the next day with a gist.

10 – Foodies: these cannot use their eyes and see food. They are always eating one thing or the other

11 – Against Evil: these will never support fornication in their room.

12 – Dubs Lord: any time these hear they have a test or exam, they will spend the night tearing paper and writing dubs.

13 – Lazy Ones: these will always scatter the room, leave their cloth everywhere, never sweep or wash plates. If u get dis one’s u will be like

14 – Food Beggars: these will just be going to other people rooms to see who is cooking so the day they can beg

15 – and finally the ones that Will invite their Church members to hold fellowship in your room.

Stick To The Ones That Will Add Value Into Your Life

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What if you got 160 in aptitude test and then 247 in jamb. Can you study medicine?

Moshood Yusuf

Please how to overcome them I have problem with numbers 15 and 4

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