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4 Major Challenges Nigerian University Students Face In School

Surviving a Nigerian University for 4 years is not child’s play. For every Nigerian student, it’s just like a hunter going into a bush filled with wild stuffs to hunt for the certificate.

It’s just like most Nigerian Universities and other tertiary institutions are designed to frustrate students. It has now become a deal of survival of the fittest.

If you attend a Nigerian school without having any problem of missing scriptslecturer wahalamissing results or unnecessary carryover, you really won’t understand the magnitude of what God has done for you.

Meanwhile, we bring to you 4 major challenges most Nigerian students face in tertiary institutions.

Let’s Go

1. Lecturers’ Bad Attitude Towards Students

Some lecturers barely come to class, they won’t give notes or take time to explain well.

In some schools, lecturers force students to buy handouts and even threaten to deliberately fail students who don’t buy. Isn’t this madness?

The way lecturers act like semi-god in Nigerian universities ehn, as a student, you won’t have a choice but to admit that “after god, na them“.

If you don’t act according to their will they can make you waste your 4years in school.

This situation is even worse for female students whereby lecturers demand sex to give grades.

If you’re a lady, you fineyou get nyanshyou con get bress, abeg don’t let any lecturer notice you. They will frustrate you if you decide not to have sex with them.

2. Too Much Fun Places Around Schools

Some students act like they are being paid to go to school. They don’t make any effort to learn while in school, they take school for a ride, and so on. Strange as it sound, students are sometimes the cause of their own misfortune.

At times, you can’t blame these students because having too much freedom and too many fun places around school environment is a major challenge on its own.

The number of hotelsclubs, and Night clubs around most Nigerian schools will make you wonder how students are supposed to concentrate with all these distractions around.

3. Home Sickness

Someone like me, whenever I am in school I am always missing home especially my mom, my siblings, and my dad.

I am always thinking of how mum takes care of me whenever I am sick and I also miss her food also her gists. Getting homesick constantly is a major challenge for most students especially freshers.

That is why it is always advisable for parents to always keep in touch with their children in school. If possible arrange once in a semester visit.

4. Brokeness

If you have a brother, sister, or a younger relative in any Nigerian school, please send them money as often as you can.

“Sapa” is real in most Nigerian schools coupled with the fact that this Nigerian economy is not favourable to even people that are working talkless of people who are in school to just study and eat.

The only time students have money in school is just within 3 weeks of resumption, after 3 weeks, brokenness will set in and that point attention will not be fully into studying again.

Brokeness sometimes is what forces many students into hustle of all sorts while in school which will end up affecting their studies. Some even go into prostitution and yahoo-yahoo.

SOURCE: Naira land

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