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After My NYSC, I Learnt Life’s Lesson In A Bitter Way

An educationist, an entrepreneur and logistics expert, Comrade Omojuwa Olufemi who also runs a travel agency and property consultancy firm as well as an APC chieftain has shed light on his journey from grass-to-grace as he recounts his experiences and lessons he learnt after serving the nation.

Here is an excerpt from the interview he offered:

What was your childhood like?

It was pleasant, memorable and full of antics. You know, for every child that grew up in Ojo area of Lagos State, you cannot but experience the peaceful nature of the district and especially the serenity of the Lagoon, because my father’s residence is located beside it. My parents taught me the values of life. They taught me contentment, loyalty and perseverance which I have continued to live with.

The environment was peaceful and calm. Every child was free to play around without any limitation. And after school hours, we would converge on the Alaworo Primary School, to play football and engage in other sporting activities. I could remember during inter-house sport competitions, I represented my school, Egan High School.

My legs never failed me because I must win prizes for my school. Iwas an excellent runner and football player. Teachers were more than instructors. They played parental roles in the lives of students, unlike today, where we read all sort of unpleasant reports about teachers-students’ relationship.

I remember some of my teachers in my secondary school days, Mrs Omobuwajo and Mrs Idowu. They were excellent teachers and mothers to many of their students. They guided us through life and imbibed morals in us. Mrs Omobuwajo later contested for the governorship seat in Lagos State.

As an excellent footballer and sprinter in your secondary school days, why didn’t you consider a career in sports?

In life, all our activities have been predestined. I would have loved to pursue a career in sports especially football and sprint, but an injury ended footballing for me while I had no sponsor to continue in sprinting. My parents were in support of my sporting activities but for the reasons I mentioned, I had to quit.

Can you recall some of the fondest memories of your childhood?

I would describe my childhood as a phase in my life that is filled with morals and wisdom. I was fed with both native and scriptural wisdom. I grew up with parents who have zero-tolerance for disloyalty, immorality and laziness. They frowned at them.

I was taught to be respectful, hardworking and to be dutiful to my community. I was taught perseverance in the face of adversity and lack. I grew up in a family with little means but where contentment is an attitude and a way of life. These are the values I grew up with and they mould me into the man I have become today.

Talking about memories, I would like to recall a not-too-pleasant encounter with the police while I was a teenager. I fell victim of injustice and unlawful arrest and detention at the hands of officers in Ojo Local Government. I was known in my community as a peace-loving person. So when residents heard about my arrest and detention, it was strange to them.

How did it happen?

I was returning home from Alaba International where I had gone to hustle when I walked into some people fighting. It was a free-for-all. While I was deep in thought as to what could have caused such brawl, some people had invited the police. On arriving at the scene, they swooped on everyone in sight including my humble self.

I was locked up in the police cell for three days. It was on the third day, some elders and leaders within the community were allowed to bail me out. I was overwhelmed with the large turnout of people at the police station all because of the good character of my parents.

I was made to understand that no act will go unrewarded on this earth.

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