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“I slept on floors, worked 18hrs every day to fund my education,” Lady Celebrates As She Bags Masters Degree from US Varsity

Asia Bryant has celebrated on social media after graduating with a Master’s degree in International Business despite working for almost 18 hours daily to fund her education.

The young lady graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a minor in Chinese Studies from the Texas Southern University, United States.

Celebrating her achievement on LinkedIn, Bryant narrated how she struggled her way up to earn her Master’s degree. 

Her words; 

I’ve slept on floors, in my car, been broke with only $12 to my entire existence. I’ve had people try to discredit my accomplishments and limit me to only my appearance. 

“I learned to speak “properly” after being teased for my thick southern accent. I’ve had glass thrown at me from racists, been sexually harassed by people I looked up too, discriminated against because of the color of my skin, the list could go on. The odds weren’t supposed to be in my favor. 

“Balancing two jobs, working 16-18hrs a day to make ends meet, while being a full time graduate student hasn’t been the easiest road, but it’s taught me discipline and perseverance. 

“Being the first in my family to achieve this milestone, I hope to open a door and create a lane for future generations to come. To this accomplishment, I dedicate it to all my loved ones who are here in a physical and spiritual realm. 

“I thank my family for their words and wisdom that kept me together when I wanted to break down and quit. I am a manifestation of my family’s prayers, guided by my ancestors’ spirits, and blessed by God’s Favor. 


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Her amazing story has inspired over 80,000 LinkedIn users, with many congratulating her on her win. Below are a few reactions:

Stephen Ogege: “Congratulations.  It’s a shame that people still treat others badly because of the color of their skin or the sound of their accent. If we all sounded alike or looked the same, where then is the beauty of diversity?”

“God was not stupid when he created diversity in us, the problem is the shallowness of their minds yet thinking they are superior. It’s all the deceit of the devil, a deceit they have chosen to embrace.But you came ourt strong- a proof that anything is possible with God on your side.”

Tom Rodgers: “Yessssssssssss!!!!! Yes Yes Yes!! That’s awesome. You did it. You are a leader. You are a powerhouse. Not just because you accomplished a dream, no ma’am that was in the moment you decided you were going to do it! You are an inspiration. “

“Life happened and you never stopped, never quit, and kept going when I’m sure people doubted you. Probably told you to quit along the way. Keep going, don’t stop, and achieve all the greatness God has put in your heart.CONGRATULATIONS!!”

Diane K.: “I was just going to say…. blessed by God’s Favor…..someone Greater then yourself wanted to see you succeed.  With self-will and determination and the Loving encouragement of others, you have made it!  Congratulations and may you have many avenues of success in your future….beauty is as beauty does….something that was put in my yearbook and I never understood it, today I think I do… 🙂 ❤.”

Renincy Sommers: “Congratulations! You’ve had to overcome incredible obstacles and for that you have my deep respect. Many people would quit over a fraction of what you’ve endured. I am not liking because of your (obvious) good looks, but because of your (equally obvious) strength of character. “

“The first is admirable as well, but it alone would not have gotten you anywhere. The latter does, and you rightfully contribute your success to it. Ignore the haters, they are nothing but background noise. You are an intelligent, amazing woman, and since you’ve come this far, I can’t wait to learn one day how far you will go from here. Lead with who you are. All the best! ❤”

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