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Six Bad Reading Habits and How to Overcome them

Bad Reading Habits: Today we will show you 6 bad reading habits and how to overcome them. This post was written by Alikhadija, a Medicine and Surgery Student of UDUSOK. Please Read and SHARE THIS PAGE.

6 bad reading habits to avoid
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According to, reading the the process of looking at a series of written symbols and getting meaning from them.

Reading is important because it gives us excessive knowledge and help us develop our lives. It also help us to understand our world better.

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Bad reading habits can make us loose concentration and waste our precious time. Therefore overcoming these habits is a challenge to all keen readers.

Hence, why you need this page! I will show you some bad reading habits and how to overcome them.

Bad Reading Habits and How to Overcome them

1) Reading In Poor Light.

This is a very bad habit. When reading in poor light, you’ll not be able to see the text clearly leading to misunderstanding & misinformation of what is written by a reader because of missed punctuation all on account of poor lighting.

When reading, you should ensure direct light either from natural or artificial source falling on the material you’re reading. Preferably from the left.

Good lighting reduces strain on your eye muscles; you don’t have to squint to read clearly.

Fluorescent Bulb (

Experts suggests that, halogen and florescent bulbs generally do a better illuminating job when reading materials than normal incandescent bulbs.
It is also advisable that readers who are right-handed should placed the light hitting the text on their left hand side and Vice versa.

2) Bad reading posture:

Bad reading posture include lying on the bed while reading or placing the book on the lap. These postures makes the reader uncomfortable and the Reading boring.

Correct and incorrect reading posture (

One of the best postures is to sit straight-backed on a comfortable chair.

Experts suggests that; books and other printed materials should be placed 14 to 18 inches away from the readers eye. Books nearer or farther can tire the eye muscles.

The importance of a good reading posture can never be over emphasize as a bad reading posture can affect your focus and concentration.

3) Reading more than one book at a time:

This is a bad habit practiced by most students especially when exams is approaching so as to cover up quickly.

Reading more than one book at a time is not a good habit as you’ll not be able to do justice to any of the books.

You might end up mixing things. So it is better to read one book at a time.

4) Vocalization:

boy vocalizing
boy vocalizing (

Any movement of the tongue, throat or vocal cord during reading constitutes vocalization.

Vocalizing slows your reading, affects comprehension and causes regression.

You must quit vocalization if you want to become an avid and speed reader.

5) Lack of preparation:

Most students have this problem. Leaving things to the last minute is never ideal and with reading, this is no different.

When you read in the last minute, you’ll find yourself trying to cram as much as possible in a very short time. This can lead to misinformation and miscommunication between the text and the reader.

In order to overcome this, it is advisable you start reading right from the day you resume. And also go through each topic a day before a lecturer teaches it. This will help you have a light upon what the lecturer is going to teach.

6) Restlessness:

This is as a result of lack of interest in reading. Most students cannot read for a Long time because they are restless. They often engage in sorts of distractions along the way.

This habit definitely reduces the speed of reading because it affects vocabulary development in students.

Students should force themselves to set targets and reach the set targets and make sure their objectives are accomplished.


Most students will spend hours reading but end up grasping a little or nothing because of bad reading behaviors. If you can overcome these bad habits and implore good reading habits you’ll surely be a great reader.

Remember Readers are leaders

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