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BUK Law Student, Mohammed Ibrahim Wins LAWSON Award 2021

Mohammed Ibrahim Abdullahi, a 400-level law student at Kano Bayero University (BUK), received the Human Rights Activist of the Year Award initiated by LAWSON, the Nigerian Law Students Association.

The award recognizes how Mr. Abdullahi has raised awareness of impunity, poverty, conflict, and human rights violations in northeastern Nigeria, based on his article calling on the government to pay attention to the problems encountered by disadvantaged groups in society.

The recognition aims to encourage young people to examine and critically participate in human rights issues by conducting independent research and creating written or creative works.

Mohammed Ibrahim Abdullahi is a Bachelor of Laws student at Bayero University in Kano, northwestern Nigeria.

He used to serve as a senior editor of the LAWSON National Editorial Board and currently serves as a public relations officer on the Conference Planning Committee.

In June 2021, Abdullahi submitted a petition to the Student Affairs Department of the Dean of the University of Valleiro de Cano, opposing some unregistered associations operating illegally on campus. His complaint produced results because the violating group was subpoenaed And were forced to register their associations. In addition, they were also required to pay compensation to the school authorities.

During Covid-19, he wrote an article calling on the federal government to pay attention to the need to reopen schools to prevent young people from engaging in illegal activities in society.

Similarly, Abdullahi wrote another article during the Covid-19 lockdown, explaining why he believes that governors are contributing to the problems facing Nigerians; emphasizing that the president should not be solely responsible.

According to him, this was because when people were suffering, people found hoarding of Covid-19 palliatives in state government stores.

Once again, Mr. Abdullahhi once drew the attention of the National Identity Management Committee (NIMC) and the Federal Government to the fact that some of their staff were blackmailing the masses for the registration of their national ID cards. He forwarded the petition to the Minister of Technology Dr. Isah Ali Pantami and NIMC via his Gmail address. This is the link to read his article against the NIMC official who also seeks to extend the NIN-Sim link deadline:
In his words,

“I was born and brought up in the northeast. We have been suffering from Boko Haram attacks for over ten years. The federal government of Nigeria created a commission to mitigate the hardship of the people in the northeast which is the Northeast Development Commission. I found that the commission is not discharging its duties, as a result, I did a write-up against the officials of the said commission and asked the federal government to investigate them for poor performance in the region.

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