How to Calculate Federal Poly Ado Screening Aggregate Score 2020/2021

Do you want to know how to Calculate Federal Poly Ado Screening Aggregate Score for 2020/2021 Session. Then worry no more! We will show you how.

how to calculate Federal Poly Ado aggregate score

This information is for the general public especially candidates who applied for admission into Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti National Diploma (ND) Full-Time programmes.

This page will show how candidates who participated in the Ado-Poly Online screening can calculate their aggregate score for 2020/2021 session.

Before we show you how to calculate it, please note:

  • O level result grades and point:
    D7-F9=0. Meaning D7 downward is not relevant.
  • Number of sitting and point
    One sitting=10 points
    Two sittings=6 point
  • Note that your O’level screening is 40% while your JAMB UTME Score is 60%

How to Calculate Federal Poly Ado Screening Aggregate Score

  • O’level Screening Point: Pick the 5 subjects relevant to your course and add their points as listed above. Then if it is one sitting add 10 marks to it and if it is two sittings add 6 marks to it. Jamb result: Jamb result divide by 6.666666667
  • UTME Point: Multiply your utme score by 15 and divide your result by 100.
  • Aggregate Score: Whatever you get as your screening point and your utme point, add them together. That’s your final aggregate score.

We know you’re probably not clear, so we will do an example:

Let’s say Olamide had 250 in jamb, B2’s in 4 subjects and 1 C6 in another subjects, with just one sitting.

  • His O’level screening Point will be:
    One sitting 10
    Total: 21+10=31
    Remember he scored 250
    3750÷100 =37.50
  • Aggregate Screening Score: Add the o’level points and UTME points together; 31+37.50 = 68.50
  • It is the aggregate screening score that will be used to give admission. You must reach the aggregate score for your department before you will be given admission.
    RECOMMENDED: Ado Poly Cut-off Mark for all Courses.

This will help you to know your fate as regards to the Ado Poly Admission List.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask us using the comment box.

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lawal ayinke azinat

If someone has 53.3 has aggravate for business administration is there grants dat d person will be giving admission into Ado poly ND

lawal ayinke azinat

If d person cutt of Mark is 57 and someone has 53.3 can someone still gain admission

Ariyo faith omowumi

I had 50.20 as my aggerate score can I still gain admission into science tech


Please I got 170 in jamb and screening aggregate score is 50.50%
My choice of course is natural resources and petroleum engineering
What my chance of gaining admission into ado poly
And again am having some issues
I checked my admission status on their website but what popped up was my name isn’t in the primary list I should wait for the other list


After screening please what’s the next step


Pls when is the admission list coming out


Pls I had 51.75 as my aggregate score and I want to study banking and finance pls is there a chance for me to get admission

Busayo olomoshakin

I had 49.40 as my aggregate score can I still gain admission for science tech


Can I still obtaine the admission form?


When is the admission list coming out

Fabunmi Emmanuel

Pls explain the two sitting pls

Ajogun Ruth

Please will they write any online exam before the admission will be out?

Akindele Samuel oluwaseun

Please I Ave 52.50 can I gained admission

Olakunle tosin temitope

Please I score 179 in my jamb,and my agregate score is 52.82 please can I gain my admission to Ado poly as a science laboratory tech

Olakunle tosin temitope

That good ,I am happy to read this

Maclean modupe joy

Evening here
Pls I got i68 in my jamb and my screening point is 49. 2 can I still be admitted into ado poly Science laboratory technology

Taofeek rofiat

I got 153 in my jamb and i wan used to sitting can I still gain admission in ado


Please I score 179 in my jamb but my screening scores Is 51.85 and I’m going for computer science ..did I have the chance of getting admission


Please I got 51.85 and I’m going for computer science..did I have the chance of getting admission


Please I got 48% has my total average and I want to study computer science, did I have any chance of getting admission


Pls student that doesn’t get up to ado poly cut off mark in screening did he have chance to gain admission,like is going for engineering he got 49 in is screenings


I cal all my results I got 54 but when I go for screening I got 48 ,how come?pls help me


i have 137 in jamb
calculating everything i got 52.55

can i study purchasing and supply or computer science in ado poly?

Bowofola Boluwatife Moses

Pls sir, I didn’t understand something here, after calculating those screening result, what is the main screening exams score, bcus there’s no screening score in that calculations. Pls explain pls

Olorunda gbemisola eniola

Cut off mark for science laboratory technology


I got 207 in my jamb score and I calculated my screening point to be 50.0 can I be admitted into civil engineering department with that


Can I register for the utme without changing d institution to my first choice or second nd I score 153 in jamb

Adewumi suraju lekan

Pls I wanna study business Amin
I score 172 In jamb my aggregate is 58. Can I get admission

Adeoye Okikiola

I scored 195 in jamb and I have 50.25 in my screening can I still study civil engineering in federal poly Ado?

Balogun Mary funmilayo

I score 175 in my jamb and I have 52.25 in my screening can I study business administration at federal polytechnic ado

Adeyemi goodness

I scored 178 in my jamb.. And my o leave calculation is 20 plus 1 sitting plss can I still get admission this year.. Or not..
Thanks sir


I score 175 in my jamb
I want to study business admin
What olevel subject do require for fedpoly ado ekiti

Ayodele Julius

This is so good I calculate my own just now am really happy with it thanks for the update


Can I study elect elect with 49 aggregate point without adding English to the (5)subject on my screening form?


Can I study elect elect with 49 point in my aggregate without add English to the (5) subject I choose for screening?

Adebayo Damilola

What is the screaning score for federal poly ado ekiti


I graduated with a GPA of 2.24 in ND, do I stand a chance in gaining admission in Ado for HND program

jimoh ayomide

I scored 52.25 in my post utme screening result can i be admitted for science lab tech in ado poly

jimoh ayomide

i scored 52.25 in my screening result can i study science lab tech in ado poly?

Abidemi ridwan

I scored 208 in utme and have calculated my o level making 9scores what scores can I be possessing in post utme


Heard there’s going to be online screening for HND applicants too?
Please how true is this?
And if true…how do we even know the date?


I did my addition by dividing my jamb 177 by 6.666666667 then it gave me 26+c6(1)+c6(1)+c5(2)+b3(4)
then it gave me 34 bcz I’m using one sitting I added by 10, and is total of 44 is it the correct way ? I only added 4 subject, I didn’t add my maths

Atobatele Ayomide Gideon

I got 191 please can I be admitted for civil engineering pls


pls I scored 246 in jamb and I had maths c6, eng c4, physics c6, chemistry c6, biology c5 in my Olevel. after using the method stated above to be used for Ado Poly screening I got 53.9. pls what chance do I have to get science lab tech. and pls do you know what the screening cut off mark for science lab tech is in the school?


Pls, i want to apply for HND in fedpoly Ado, And it was state that transcript should be forwarded before 9th of sep. And i finish my ND in The Polytechnic, Ibadan,Can i apply for d HND and after Admmission is given then i can process d Transcript.

Ojo mayowa

pls can i be admitted in federal polyado with D7 in physics i want to study agric technology or agric engineering

Eje reuben

Did fedpolyado need physical presence for 2019 applicant after the post utme form registration?


Please fed ado can give science laboratory with 50 point


yh, to study physic.


will i be admitted into unilag without further maths?

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