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5 Challenges Faced by Medical Students in Nigeria Universities

challenges medical students face: See the Top Five (5) Challenges Faced by Medical Students in Nigeria Universities. An article written by Alikhadija, a Medical Student of UDUSOK.

challenges medical students face

A medical school is a tertiary educational institution, or part of such an institution, that teaches medicine, and awards a professional degree for physicians and surgeons.

A medical student is person who’s studying medicine in a university It’s obvious that studying medicine differ from studying other courses.

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As such there are many challenges faced on the route to become a doctor. In this post, we’ll discuss some of these challenges.

Five Top Challenges Medical Students Face.

1. Time

Time has always been a challenge to all students, but to medical students it’s the worst challenge.

This is because medical students spends hours taking lectures sometimes From 9AM- 5:00PM.

And after spending this Time in class, they still have to go through what they’re taught that day & do other daily chores. 

In order to prevent being left behind, they usually read ahead of teachers.  

A senior medical student once told me that, before they started lectures in Level 200, he has read almost half of the anatomy textbook.

But when they resume, the lecturer covered all he read in three days & before he knew it he have loads of work to cover up.

2. Fear of Failure;

Most medical students have this fear of failing, they’ll be afraid that they’re not studying enough. Though they’re trying their best.

Some develop the fear of failure when they see their colleagues failing.

They’ll be like, “So so person study More than I do but he has been withdrawn, what will happen to me too?” 

Such thoughts will make the person to develop fear of failure, which many medical students are facing!

3. Medical Terminologies;

You might be wondering, how can these be a challenge? Yes it’s a big challenge as there’s one doctor that told me, pronouncing Medical Terminologies & spelling them is the biggest challenge she faced in Medical school.

Medical textbooks are ridden with words that look like you require a degree in lexicology before you can pronounce them.

Medical dictionaries are very big that they petrify fresher’s in the libraries. And rightfully so, with over 250 roots,dozens of prefixes & suffixes.

Indeed the combinations are plenty!Yet everyone knows that to effectively practice Medicine you need a knowledge of it’s vocabulary.

You can utilize it rules to your advantage, by breaking down the Terminologies to it’s building blocks. This will help in formulating the definition rather than cramming it.

4. Stress;

This is one of the challenge faced by many Medical students because, as a highly demanding course, the causes of stress in Medicine are much. And they affect both physical & psychological health of the students.

The major cause of stress among medical students is that they learn alot of things in a short time, undergo successive tough exams with the fear that if they fail that will be their end in Medical school.

The urge to meet the demands of their curriculum inhibits a sense of urgency to them as they struggle to work harder & try their bests.

There’s also a high stress among medical students after their graduation when they start training.

5. Finance;

Finance is a challenge to every student, in Medical school the case is the same.

From the very start of becoming a student-doctor financial challenges will be with you for a considerable time.

For one, the course itself is long & expensive. Without adequate financial support, prior plans & strategies, overcoming financial challenge will be very difficult In Medical school.

Unlike other students, Medical students are always busy with Studies Making it hard if not impossible for them to do side hustle along schooling.

This make finance a great challenge to them.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Medical students should know that, getting into Medical School is hard, Surviving in it is hard & Graduating from Medical school is also hard!

But when you successfully graduate & become a certified doctor you’ll have the privilege of caring for patients, which isn’t a responsibility to be taken lightly.

So becoming a doctor is hard but incredibly rewarding both in this world & in the hereafter. So it’s worth the hard work!

This article was written by Ali Akadija, a Student-Doctor in Usmanu Danfodiyo University (UDUSOK).

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