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“I prayed for a balanced school life and God did it,” says Lady who bagged First Class in Med Lab, Shares Story

A pretty Nigerian Lady, Chinemerem Cynthia Eze has celebrated bagging first class despite her active involvement in school activities.

Cynthia a fresh graduate of Rivers State University has taken to LinkedIn to share a story of her academic journey.

According to her, before she got into Varsity, she begged God to help her make first class and also be socially active, a prayer which was answered.

She didn’t just graduate with first-class honors, she was her class representative, crowned face of NFCS, vice president of the same NFCS, and worked with SUG Vice President.

She also combined schooling with work, where she worked as a social media manager, a skill she said helped her open her own brand.

Read her story below:

“If this dream could come true, I am optimistic my other dreams would too.

‘I graduated with a FIRST CLASS (Hons) in MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE, Haematology option from the Rivers State University.

“Before I got in, I had dreamt of finishing strong with a first class and at the same time have a balanced life as a student. I dreamt, prayed and tried the much I could to make this dream come true.

“In my early years in school, I was working as a social media manager for a media company. It was tough as it was very hard combining it with my studies. However, I relish the experience. It informed me about the media and more importantly, helped me in the birthing of the brand, #labgirlonlens.

“Aside having a tedious salaried job, I was very active in my church and fellowship activities. I was crowned the FACE of NFCS (Nigerian Federation of Catholic Student) in first year. I was equally the Vice president of NFCS  fellowship in my 400 level amidst other positions and forums I volunteered for. With the help of God, I did my best not to let Him down in the opportunities He gave me to be of service to his work and humankind.

“Then comes school politics and leadership responsibilities. I started off as assistant class rep in my first year. In my 200 level, I worked closely with the then SUG vice president as I was learning the ropes of active student unionism. I was elected my departmental vice-president in 3rd year. Then I equally served as the class rep of HAEMATOLOGY specialty in my final year. I believe in all these positions, I did not withold any of me, I gave them my all. I served diligently to the best of my ability. 

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“And ye, I had and do still have a very active social life especially on the media. I created #Labgirlonlens in 2020, It was birthed out of the desire to clear myths and misconceptions held by people about the lab, provide the right education and help inculcate right health seeking behaviour in my audience.

“I am just looking back on how far and how I was able to jungle all these. I was scared at a point that I would fail to make a FIRST CLASS. In fact, at my later semesters, I just had to make all A’s in all the courses and whatever academic activity there is else I would miss the FIRST CLASS. I shared my fears with some of my lecturers who encouraged me not to give up. They provided the needed succour and I kept burning my candles while immersing my chaplet into waters same time. Alas! God did it.💯

“I am very happy. I am not happy that I did something not common in our environment. I am happy that my dream came through. It gives me the assurance that with God by my side, I can achieve everything I set my mind to do.

“In a special way, I want to thank my Parents who sponsored, prayed, provided and cared for me. I want to thank the Boss of KIDMONTH CONTEST who gave me the opportunity to earn as a student by working with him then. My roommates through all the level who were great pillars of support. My study buddies whom I drafted possible exam questions with. 

“My able supervisor Serekara G. Christian (PhD), thank you for holding my hands all through the way especially in my project. And to you my friends on LinkedIn who always tolerate me, God bless you.Thank you❤️💙

Her inspiring story got a lot of engagement on LinkedIn where she shared it. Many of her followers and friends sent her congratulatory shoutouts.

Cynthia, you are an inspiration to many. From all of us at ALLSCHOOL, congratulations.

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