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“Dear Youths, If you Graduate do not Leave your Parents’ House Immediately” – Reno Omokri Advises Youths

Reno Omokri a motivational speaker, Pastor, and former aid to the former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, has advised youths not to hurriedly leave their parent’s house immediately after graduating from school.

Reno, while advising young graduates in an Instagram post, said that it is not advisable for fresh graduates to leave their parent’s house and get accommodation for themselves after getting a job, as that will only make them pay for an accommodation that would have been used in starting a business.

He also added that Nigerian youths should try to stay with their parents when they are done with school and use their rent money as capital to start a business, adding that it is a means through which one can overcome poverty forever.

His post reads:

Dear youths,
When you graduate and get a job, don’t immediately leave your parents house to rent a place. If possible, stay with your parents. Endure any discomfort you may experience from your parents or siblings. Save what you would have spent on rent and use it as capital to start a business or buy a home. Because your greatest expenditure in life will be what you spend on accommodation. If you can reduce or eliminate that, you will be in a good position to use your income to create an outcome that will enable you overcome poverty forever

Reacting to the advise, some Instagram users had these to say:

kingsmen1849 wrote: Na wetin I do be that o and sm happy today that I took that decision despite my friend making jest of me then, am in a better position than them all today👏👏

hadasaempire wrote: Same applies to ladies that rush into marriage immediately after school and end up crashing thier careers to become full housewives then cry 10 years later of hardship after thier peers have all moved to executive positions. LIFE

_illgramm wrote: In my life, I’ve never disregarded anything you say but you see this one?? This is pure NONSENSE!!! 🤮🤮

emeklove wrote: I love your work and how God has been using you to bless our generation sir. But with the responsibility of getting a job in a family house, sir am not sure one can save with such

bonuslands wrote: It’s a way to show that they have arrived. Many parents are happy when their children begin living on their own. They see it as a sense responsibility for their children. The truth is any expenses that doesn’t support someone’s future is a wasted one

You Are Not Dumb For Failing An Exam, Passing An Exam Doesn’t Mean You Are Intelligent — Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri last few weeks, also students that they are not dumb for failing exam. Adding that passing an exam doesn’t mean you’re intelligent.

The advice also got many reactions. You can the full details HERE.

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