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“Education should be the most important thing in Nigeria,” says Successful Developer

Emmanuel Opara, a talented Nigerian man who developed a Mobile application game on iOS device, has said that education should be the most important thing in this country.

Emmanuel, a talented Nigerian-Amerian Mobile App Developer noted in an interview that education should be more important than anything else in any country. 

My parents were both teachers; they taught mathematics and sciences. 

“They both made education a priority for me that when I came fifth in a class of 37 pupils (students), I was flogged and starved that evening.

“Education should be more important than anything else in any country.” Emmanuel said 

Talking about his journey as a developer, Emmanuel revealed that his interest in computers began when he was 9 years old.

At such an early age, Emmanuel had already began to dismantle things like radios, cable boxes, phones and put them back together.

The 32-year-old Nigerian-American programmer explained that he used to dismantle things like radios, cable boxes, phones and put them back together at that age.

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While revealing his background, he stated being from a humble home and lost his dad at age 10 but his mother fought all through to ensure he was educated. 

In his words; “I think my interest in computer began when I was nine years old. I developed my first game app, ‘Chike’, and was launched on Apple’s iConnect in 2015, making me the first Nigerian to develop and design a mobile game app on an iOS device. 

“I used to dismantle things like radios, cable boxes, phones and put them back to together. “I remember disassembling my father’s working radio and putting it back together. I was flogged for that. 

“I grew up with just my sister. It was just the two of us. My family didn’t have much, but my mother made sure we went to school. 

We were okay as a family but not as okay as the average family of today. “I was 10 years old when my father passed away. Things got tough, but God saw us through till this day.” He stated. 

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