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‘Even though My Mum And I Are Beggers, I Want To Become A Medical Doctor In The Future’

Despite being a Begger in the street, a Nigerian 14-Year-Old girl has revealed that she want to become a doctor in the future, so she will help other people.

Nafisa is begging on the street without hope of getting any formal education, she was in primary four at school in Katsina before she relocated to South with her mother.

But right now, the closest she gets to being formally educated is when she visits the North and goes to her ‘old school’ to experience what could best be regarded as ‘holiday’ class.

The opportunity soon fades away again the moment she and her mother leave and return to ‘work’ (begging) in Ibadan.

“I used to go to school in the North but I have not been enrolled in any school here. However, whenever we visit the North, I attend school for the duration of our stay there,” Nafisa emphasized during an interview with Saturday Tribune.

Fourteen-year-old Nafisa believes that as a doctor, she could help the people, especially her parents. “I want to become a doctor so that I can help people. I like the profession,” she said.

Hassana Mohammadu, a seven-year-old girl revealed that she was removed from school by her mother and brought to Ibadan to join her in begging for money, when she was in primary two.

“I was in primary two before I came here, but I don’t go to school anymore,” Hassana told Tribune.

The seven-year-old comes to the Ojoo Bridge every day to beg alongside her mother when other children of her age are in school.

For Hassana, teaching is her favourite profession. She longs for the opportunity to go back to school for a chance to realise this dream.

“I would like to become a teacher if I am able to finish school. If I become a teacher, I can take care of my parents and help many others, especially children,” Hassan revealed.

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On why the children are out of school, the parents (mothers) said they lacked the required resources to send them to school.

Aisha Gambo said the little money they realized from their daily begging activity they send back home to cater for the children that were left behind.

“Some of our children are schooling in the North. For me, it is what I get from here that I send to them for school fees,” Gambo said.

The women described the North as an uninteresting place to live right now because of the rate of killings and kidnapping.

“We can’t go back to the North because of how uninteresting it is to live there now. The rate of killings and kidnapping keeps getting high” Gambo stated.

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