Experiences of JAMB Candidates who have written the 2020 UTME

Check Out Experiences of JAMB Candidates who have written the 2020 UTME

So are you among the 2020 UTME candidates but yet to write the JAMB UTME? We think you might want to check out the experience of candidates who have already written.

Hence, in one of the facebook groups we manage, we asked JAMB candidates who have written their UTME to share their experience with us.

We will share their experience with you.

Meanwhile, please Note: Prayerful preparation prevents poor performance. Don’t let the experience of others define yours. If u’ve read hard don’t be worried, leave d rest to God, as you enter d exam hall, write with determination n positiveness. You shall pass in flying colours.

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Having said that, now check out the experiences

Experiences of JAMB Candidates who have written the 2020 UTME.

Vivian Tasie:
The geography was cool
English was good
Mathematics was better than the physics
Physic has less theoretical question
But we thank God
It went well
N pray that God will give us admission this year
In Jesus name we pray AMENNNNN

Empress Chinaza:
Nna eh
The jamb no be here ooooo
I nearly wet my panties
Make una dey pray for us ooo

Gloria Uzoho, “I secured my admission already…the exam was so sweet

Victor Abagha:
Don’t get scared when you have not even entered the exam Hall.
Do not let Someone’s experience define yours.
Go and conquer.

Pedro Paul: “Mine was very sweet.no gain of reading it was just primary school question . just take captain jack before going and thank me later

Uwa Chijioke Kingsley:
Don’t panic, just enter exam Hall with full assurance that u will come out with flying colors.
Bear it in mind that the fear of others or someone’s experience will definitely define yours.
Wishing u all best of luck!!!

Pharmacist Zimuzo:
Chaiiiii 😭 
D questions no get joy oooooo
My system was hanging said by a voice coming out of exam hall.

Fidel De Chuks: The questions were not so vexing sha.

Ezemagu Arinzechukwu Jñr:
Mad oooooo🤣🤣
From what I wrote eeeeeh
U don’t even need to consult ur village people before u know that ur score would be
English 24
Maths 17
Chemistry 20
Physics 19
Total score: 80/400🚶🚶

Victor Nwafor Go read oo …e no funny

Before we proceed, please note we have a page that was created to test your knowledge. Its in a test/quiz format. You get to answer over 40 questions and then you will be graded. You can check them out HERE.

Chinonso Emmanuel: chem,bio, English was ok but physics was not funny

Ali Uchenna Vivian: Commerce was kul.. English as well.. Economics a bit nice..n maths…I don’t know what to say?

Onah Juliet Chinazaekpere: Eng chem biology are bonus but dat physics sha cal full everywhere

Miracle Izubuike (a science student): It was good by God grace

Itz Stanley Marshal:

Stephen Chizzy Ikekpeazu:
Mtcheeew. I actually thought it would b hard. Sweet sixteen was too easy, literature was chocolate
Government was crackers biscuits
Crs, Tricky a bit but was easy as well

Vicdera Isaac 
Very nice,
English, superb
Government, awesome
Economics, butter bread

Amarachi Precious Korie:
Eng good
Econs good
Bio good
Maths well….

Bee Johnson II:
It was fine
English was good all the way
BIOLOGY was good also but some wat tricky
Then PHYSICS has always been physics

Henry Ebube 
Maths was like ….
James heard 5000 ngozi passed beside him how much change was remaining😟😩🙆🙆
Physics was like calculate the depth of a well full of water🙆🙆😭
Chm was like …when sugar mix with salt in copper what the color🙆🙆
English was like 5% percent of sweet 16

Chigøzìé Jamesharrison Nice:
Buh chemistry and physics
Physics precisely was a bit challenging though

If you have participated in the 2020 UTME and wants to share your experience with others, please use the comment box below to share. We will be pleased to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading this article, we really do appreciate. We hope you loved it, if you did, please share this page with your friends via the share buttons below. Sharing is caring.

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Luis Toochi

English was Very nice
Chemistry was somehow good
Physics was harsh, calc all over
Mathematics very rude and very harsh but may the will of God be done as regards to maths, hopefully it shall all end in praises!

Adeyemi Oluwadamilola.E

English was very good,about 15 questions coined from sweet sixteen which was simple ones
Chemistry was good,less of organic chemistry and non from inorganic
Physics was atleast better than maths
Maths was not too bad,buh their wasn’t much time,less of calculus.
Thats things about my own question

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