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From Bricklayer to Medical Doctor, Young Man Story Inspires Many

A young medical student identified as Ronald Olum has shared how he transformed himself from being a bricklayer to becoming a medical doctor.

He shared two photos of before and after, in the first photo taken in 2018, Ronald is seen emaciated and shirtless beside a stash of bricks that he worked on as a bricklayer.

While the second photo is the current photo with medical scrubs, a stethoscope dangling from his neck, and a huge smile on his face.

He wrote on his Twitter handle: 

“I will be graduating with Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees from Makerere University on May 23. The story behind this journey that began in 2003 is a book in writing and deserves celebration.” 

He revealed that he started the course in August 2016, adding that the first picture was taken while he was in the third year during the December 2018 holidays. 

When he was contacted by Legit, the doctor said he has been a bricklayer from childhood and also did the work while on holidays from school. 

His words: “It wasn’t a transition. It’s something we have been doing at home during holidays. Ever since my childhood times till medical school days.” 

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He also gave a little insight into his background when we wanted to know. 

He said: “Not sure where to begin from. It’s quite a long one. In brief, I was born from a humble background and spent my earlier life in Northern Uganda during the Lord resistance Army War. I have been able to work hard throughout and achieved maying things.” 

Public reactions 

@Genuinewakiso: “Surely, we must arrange a gift for this hard made scientist. You are an exceptional inspiration to all strugglers. We honor you.” 

@AgonzaChristop2: “Glory be to God who enabled you to make it through, that’s a great inspiration. Always get some time and back to your former schools so that you can inspire and encourage those young Ugandans.” 

@SolomonGobba: “Congratulations Sir. It’s been an honour learning from you over the past years. May the path ahead only get better.”

@ZubaArima: “Your story is indeed a great lesson to several individuals who feel like giving up in life. Congrats Dr., we celebrate your success.” 

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