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Two Nigerians Bag Masters in German with Perfect 4.0CGPA from US Varsity, Gets PhD Scholarship

Two Nigerian Students in the United States, Gift Iyioku and Oluwakemisola Adeusi, has made our country proud as they graduate with a perfect 4.0 over 4.0CGPA.

Gift and Keimi
Gift Iyioku and Oluwakemisola Adeusi, credit: @TheGermanGift (Twitter)

Sharing the story in a Twitter thread, Gift Iyioku, one of the fresh Masters graduates disclosed that it wasn’t an easy journey.

The duo who bagged a Masters Degree in German with first-class honors revealed that their professors were of great assistance during their academic journey at the University of Alabama.

Gift disclosed that her professors helped her and her Nigerian friend, @TheGermanKemi get DAAD Ph.D. Scholarship in Germany. The professors also helped them reduce their tuition fees and lecture them during summer, a time lecturers should be on vacation.

Read her story below:

“Today, we graduate from @UofAlabama with M.A in German and a 4.0 CGPA. 

“I was just going to simply say we’ll be missing our grad because we’re on a DAAD scholarship in Germany this August, and in Santorini right now, but instead, let me tell you what our professors at U.A did: 

“Technically, @TheGermanKemi and I were to graduate in December 2022, but we got our admission to Stanford at the start of our 3rd semester (Jan 2022), and we had to make a choice between deferring our admission to finish at Alabama or dropping out of UA. 

“Our professors were very involved with our application process at Stanford (Oct-Dec 2021). It was towards the end of the fall semester and EVERYONE WAS BUSY.

“However, they reviewed our SOPs SEVERALLY, reviewed the 25-page paper we submitted to Stanford and wrote glowing letters of recommendation for us. 

Gift Iyioku, credit: @TheGermanGift (Twitter)

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“The admission came and they were SO excited for us, The dept chair said ‘sound the alarm’, when he heard about our admission and sent an email to over 150 people to announce the good news. 

“My professors are EXCELLENT people. They put out great work and are highly committed to their jobs. They neither wanted us to leave before getting our degree, not defer our admission. 

“They asked if @TheGermanKemi and I wanted the same and we answered in the affirmative, so our grad advisor (the kindest prof I’ve ever met- also now retired) took it upon herself to speak to other professors to find if any of them will be willing to teach us over the summer, Usually my professors don’t work in summer, and that’ll mean not getting paid.

“Surprisingly, they all agreed to teach us. However, we needed only 1 more professor (with our advisor) to teach us. So, we were able to choose from the professors, the course we really wanted to take. 

“One would think that was the height of their kindness, BUT THE STORY DOESN’T END HERE. Remember we were Graduate Teaching Assistants at the Univ of Alabama? Technically, we were teaching undergraduates German and assisting professors at the department in exchange for a full tuition waiver, health insurance and monthly stipend. Doing a summer semester, when school is out means no more funding.

Oluwakemisola Adeusi
Oluwakemisola Adeusi, credit: @TheGermanGift (Twitter)

Our tuition was about $20k each. Once again, our grad advisor started to send emails to the university to sponsor our last semester, because we had made the department proud. 

“We waited for weeks and didn’t receive a favorable reply, but our grad advisor kept telling us to be patient and hopeful. We told her we could take a loan and she said NO! One day, she sent us another email. “I have great news, not what you expect, but it’s good.

“After a lot of back-and-forth between the advisor and the uni, the accounts dept realized we qualified as resident students (though we were int’l students) and our tuition reduced.”

Celebrating the duo, @RO_Ogunjimi wrote: This story is beautiful. It reminds me of my academic advisor during my time too. These professors are the best among humans I’ve ever seen. They go extra lengths to make sure things work out for you!!!

@omeokoyomoh wrote: I love this thread. Because I have also experienced kindness from awesome professors. And it’s really the best feeling. Congratulations ladies. All the very best at Stanford.

@JacobOyeku wrote: Sometimes, you guys are the affirmation, some of us need. Congratulations 🎉 @TheGermanGift and @TheGermanKemi.Wish you the best, at Stanford. weiterhin die gute Arbeit(I used translation app ooo, I no hear shishi)

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