#unibenvsunilag: Hilarious Tweets that got our Attention

Oh yes you read the heading correctly! See the Hilarious Tweets that got our Attention on the #unibenvsunilag


In this post we will share with you 16 hilarous #UnibenVsUnilag tweets that got our attention.

For those who don’t know what the #UnibenVsUnilag is all about? Its a University challenge by students of the University. Basically, the students tries to belittle the other school. Its just for fun! Some students are using it to ease the boredom caused by the covid-19

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Now you know what the #UnibenVsUnilag is all about, we are pleased to present the 16 hilarious tweets we saw.

That’s all we have for you! Hope some of them we are able to crack your ribs, we are happy it did.

Disclaimer: The above tweets do not represent Allschool’s view!

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