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Honest University Student Returns .5m Mistakenly Sent to His Bank Account

Cursory: Ahmed Adebowale, a student at the University of Ilorin, returned N500,000 mistakenly sent to his bank account. He revealed that his upbringing, strong moral values, and the desire to maintain his reputation pushed him to return the money.

With the way things are in the economy, a lot of people are living in want. Families are struggling to make ends meet and in this state a lot of people would be tempted to go through illicit means if given the opportunity.

Especially youths that are trying to survive, chase their dreams and make their own mark in the world. However an honest young man has proven that his desire to uphold his morals is higher than following the easy route on his journey to achieve his dreams.

Ahmed Adebowale, a student enrolled at the University of Ilorin, recently demonstrated an act of integrity by returning N500,000 that was mistakenly deposited into his account by an unidentified individual.

Adebowale informed FIJ that he noticed the money in his Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) account on December 24, and it was from Oladejo David Damila.

However, due to the public holiday, he couldn’t immediately visit the bank to address the situation, despite his concern regarding the source of the funds.

“I woke up that morning to see a credit alert of N500,000. I was shocked because I was not expecting such an amount from anyone at that point in time,” he told FIJ.

“I was also bothered as I couldn’t formally complain at the bank due to the public holiday. However, I kept my cool and was expectant.”

Adebowale said the following day, he received a call from whom he assumed to be the sender and then made him verify his identity before agreeing on a refund plan.

“I got a strange call from someone who claimed to have sent the money mistakenly. I asked him for proof that he sent the money to me,” the student said.

“He proved it, and we agreed that I would send him N100,000 each day until December 31 because I had issues with my bank app at the time.

“He didn’t believe I was ready to send his refund until he got the first tranche.

“I ended up sending N499,000 to him due to bank charges. He was even the one who suggested that.“The man was excited beyond words and could not stop praying for me.”

He said that reason he chose to return the money is because of his morals. He couldn’t hurt someone else even though he needed money at the time too.

“Honestly, it was largely a result of my upbringing and moral understanding. I don’t take what does not belong to me, and integrity is of utmost priority to me,” he told FIJ.

“Another thing is that I have a name to protect and I can’t afford to make my parent sad or ever regret their investments in me as a result of my refusal to return it.

“I returned it not because of anything as I was broke too at the time. I had to because the money was not meant for me, and that was the right thing to do.”


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Wow! This is worth emulating 👍

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