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How to gain Admission Into any University in Nigeria 2021/2022

See How to gain Admission Into any Universities in Nigeria 2021/2022 written by Alfred Andrew.

how to gain admission in Nigeria University

Did you just finish your secondary school in Nigeria and searching for the next step to take without writing JAMB UTME / POST UTME twice? Then you are at the right place.

This is also the right place for you if you want to know How to Gain Admission into any University in Nigeria.

Many students make so many common mistakes when it comes to seeking admission into any of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria. As a result, many students re-write JAMB again and again.

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Now let get started with what we have decided to talk about which are:

  • What Next After Waec?
  • Having a good grade in JAmb is it 100% certain of gaining admission?
  • What should I do after writing Jamb?
  • What should I do after my post Utme or Screening?
  • Easy Steps to Gain Admission

What Next After Waec?

If you are a student in Nigeria then this post is for you because if you are aspiring to further your education into any of the tertiary institutions then you are expected to apply for JAMB UTME. Congratulation! you are advancing to a higher academic standards.

The next thing after weac is JAMB UTME, so you passing waec, you have to get ready for jamb because jamb has been the popular pass-way to gain admission in Nigeria and it gets harder by the year.

Back in the days, gaining admission into a Nigeria University was easy; you just need to write SENIOR WAEC. Then just few people are opportune to write the WAEC, hence few students apply for Admission.

But now, every year, hundreds of thousands of students graduate from Secondary school, giving all these students admission is not really possible, hence the ALMIGHTY JAMB UTME was introduced. A way to screen out many waec candidates.

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Having a Good Score in JAMB UTME is it 100% certain of gaining admission?

Just because you passed the Jamb cut-off mark threshold of 160/180/200 (depending on school) doesn’t mean your admission is secured. That is why you need to prepare for JAMB very well. The truth is that when you pass Jamb, you are telling the university you apply for that you are ready for them and you have booked tickets for the university.

We are going to review to you a little statistics of this year Jamb below.

13AKWA IBOM67,7383.59
22CROSS RIVER37,1661.97

Now, do you think only getting a good jamb score will give you admission? Whether your course is competitive or not. You have to know that your good score can’t really secure you a place in any admission list.

What should I do after writing Jamb?

If your jamb score is good then congratulation to you because crossing over jamb universities cut off mark is not as easy as you think. The mistakes many students make is that they think that if they should blast their jamb mark everything is set for them, admission must be given to them so they feel relax to study for post Utme. After Jamb what you need is to prepare for the university Post Utme or Screening.

What should I do after my post Utme or Screening?

Post-UTME / Screening is the major issues all students should look at and work towards it, don’t relax, whether you passed your JAMB excellently or not. This is one of the reasons why candidates don’t gain admission with scores above 250 in JAMB.

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If you think you blast jamb by scoring 280 or 290 and your post utme is not up to the University post utme cut off mark, seriously you will be denied admission.

What you have to know is that Post Utme is made up of two ways  which are;

  1. By an aptitude test i.e (Exam)
  2. By Screening of credentials i.e ( your waec and Jamb result)

So kindly take your post utme more serious than your Jamb exam, University award admission to students that merit there fixed cut mark.

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What you have to do after writing your post utme or screening is to try and upload your waec result in the JAMB PORTAL  so that the university you choose can easily see your waec result if is fake or original, this is what many students don’t know sometimes your jamb scores or post utme score might be good and yet you are still denied of admission reason is that your waec result is not uploaded.

Easy Steps to Gain Admission

There is an adage that says “A school of thought believes ‘it doesn’t matter what you study, just get a good grade and jobs will find you out’. I support that theory, many of our students always go for Professional courses than Career Courses which in the end they are been deny admission.

I know that you will be asking if there is an easy step of gaining admission, to be real with you, there are no easy ways of getting admission into Nigeria Universities. We have really made research and ask some Scholars about the easy ways of gaining admission which we have put down here. Thanks to them.

Nkedugists, we make it short by summarizing everything that can help you gain admission by not letting a year pass you by, check it out and know what to do.

  • Apply for Courses that are less competitive
  • Apply to Universities that are easy to gain admission
  • Have two courses in mind such as Professional Courses or Career Courses for supplementary purposes
  • Always Know the Calculation of Your Universities aggregate admission Points

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In conclusion, you might think it is funny but that is the obvious truth of gaining admission into Nigeria Universities.

In case you have any question to ask kindly drop your question below in the comment box below for a proper guide, We will appreciate if actually this information is useful by getting your comment and sharing it on social medial below. 

Author: Alfred Andrew

Thank you so much for reading this article, we really do appreciate. We hope you loved it, if you did, please share this page with your friends via the share buttons below. Sharing is caring.

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Good evening all school trust you have a great day! I want to ask a question regarding 2021/2022 NDA APPLICATION, I have made the payment and I was sent my remita receipt through email but I am still unable to login, also as I made the payment it was read as transaction error but I was debited and as I try signing up also including my RRR I was told that until remita very the payment. This happened over a month ago now, please incase you have any idea on how to tackle this issue please help out. Thanks


I want to study computer science in lasu ,jamb score 195 and am an non indigene,neco result b and c.what are my chance of gain admission with stream 1 without entrepreneur cause its less expensive (57,000 school fees) than stream 2 with entrepreneur (150,000 school fees)


Sir please what should I do, I changed institution from unn to funai, but my name has been notified in funai portal. What should I do?

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Do Unn offer human psychology

Ogoh Nnamdi

Please sir I changed institution to delsu but since then my name hasn’t reflected in delsu portal and the closing date is near 11th October remaining only to days to end the registration
What should I do

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