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How to Score High in UNN Post UTME [You Didn’t Know This]

This page will show you exactly how to score high in UNN Post UTME. If you follow the instructions on this page, you will definitely smash the UNN post utme.

Since you’re on this page, it means you really want to score high in the UNN Post UTME. And because I believe you will take all the advice on this page, then permit me to say Congratulations!

Yes, I congratulate you because if you put everything on this page in practice, you will not just score high in UNN post UTME, you will score extremely high!

The recommendations on this page has has been used by thousands of UNN aspirants and all of them scored extremely high in their post-utme and got admission into their dream courses.

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How to Score High in UNN Post UTME

Practice UNN Post UTME Past Questions

It is very important that you cover all the UNN post UTME past questions. Practicing UNN Post UTME past questions will help you know what previous past questions look like and how the questions are set.

Don’t repeat the mistakes some UNN aspirants do, don’t cram UNN past questions! You should only use the UNN post utme past question to get familiar with the method UNN ask their questions. It will also show you the UNN post-utme method.

Don’t use it to substitute for reading your books, instead, it should help know the topics to read!

This is actually why ALLSCHOOL has myUNN Post-UTME App. It’s an app that will give you access to all the UNN Post UTME Past questions, their past topics and lot’s more. I’ll take a little more about the app later.

Practice JAMB Past Questions

As far as UNN Post UTME is concerned, practicing JAMB past questions will also help you score high in the POST UTME.

But just like I said above, don’t cram past questions, it should only be as a guide. A way to test your preparedness for a subject.

Read your Textbooks

I know I already mentioned this but I wanted to stress it even more! Don’t just read UNN & JAMB past questions, do also read your textbooks.

Reading your textbooks will not only help you score high in the UNN Post-UTME, but it will also help you get a very good result at your 100level.

So you see, you will be using one stone to kill two birds; scoring high in UNN post-utme and getting a nice result after your 100 level.

Don’t Procrastinate

If you really want to cover UNN post utme past questions, it means you have to practice at least 1000 past questions.

If you also want to also cover the JAMB past questions, you will need to go through over 40,000 questions.

And that’s not even all! You also have to read your textbooks and notebooks.

You get the point right?

You have a lot to cover!! So if you seriously want to score high in UNN Post UTME, pick your books now and start reading. Don’t say there’s time, because there isn’t!


Play & Pray

Playing helps relieve stress, improve brain function, stimulate the mind and boost creativity, among other benefits.

While you read hard, you should also play. But hey, don’t go and overdo it, play with a limit. If you read 6hrs a day, play 30mins. Chatting on social media is also considered playing.

Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

While you study hard for your forthcoming exam, don’t forget the God factor. When you work and pray, you can do anything, including scoring high in the UNN Post-Utme.

Know the Nature of UNN Post UTME

Lucky you, I know it! Below is the nature of UNN Post UTME:

  1. For each subject, there will be 17 questions to answer 15 questions. This means you will answer a total of 60 questions for the exam.
  2. The time to answer all the questions is 60mins (1 hour).
  3. Sometimes, UNN repeats their questions. They also repeat jamb past questions. That’s why you need the myUNN Post UTME App.
  4. Try to be at the venue of your exam at least 30 minutes before your time on the acknowledgment slip.
  5. The post ume questions will come from the four subjects you wrote in Jamb and there will be 15 questions to be answered for each of the subjects.
  6. UNN Post UTME is hard if you don’t prepare.

Stay Informed with UNN News

Some years back, a candidate prepared very well for the UNN post-utme, but he missed his exam because UNN rescheduled it and he wasn’t aware.

Don’t let that happen to you! Always stay updated with the UNN’s Latest News, especially those that concern UNN Aspirants!

Lucky you, the myUNN Post UTME App has a section that shows all the UNN latest News, with the sole aim of ensuring aspirants do not miss any news that concerns them

Prepare Smartly with myUNN Post-UTME App

By now you definitely want to know more about this myUNN Post UTME app that I have been mentioning! Wait no more!

myUNN post UTME App is a mobile application that was created to help UNN Aspirants score extremely high in the UNN Post UTME.

How? The app gives you access to UNN Post-UTME Past questions, JAMB Past-Questions, UNN Post-UTME Topics, and lots more.

With the App, you get to test your preparedness for the Post-UTME with the exact time format UNN uses. You will also be graded the same way UNN grades the Post UTME.

For motivation, the app also has a leaderboard section where you will see the score of other UNN aspirants using the app. You will also be able to join the weekly contest where you have the chance of winning amazing prizes.

You guessed it right. That’s not all! The myUNN Post-UTME app has a section just to share UNN News, Exclusive UNN Articles, and lots more!

If you need the myUNN Post-UTME app, which you should, then CLICK HERE TO INSTALL IT (android users only)!


There you have it, I have given you all you need to know if you really want to score high in UNN Post UTME. The ball is now in your court! Take my advice and thank me later πŸ™‚

While you try your best, I pray you score high in the UNN post UTME and gain admission into your dream course, AMEN.

UNN School Fees for Newly Admitted Students (All Courses)

UNN freshers’ school fees are between N71,200 and N77,700 depending on the course of study. The UNN acceptance fee for fresh students is N30,000.

See the school fees for each course below:

  • Agricultural Economics – N71,200
  • Agricultural Extension – N71,200
  • Animal Science – N71,200
  • Crop Science – N71,200
  • Home Science – N71,200
  • Soil Science – N71,200
  • Food Science and Technology – N71,200
  • Nutrition and Dietetics – N71,200
  • Archeology and Tourism – N71,200
  • Combined Arts  – N71,200
  • French  – N71,200
  • English and Literary Studies  – N71,200
  • Fine and Applied Arts  – N71,200
  • German  – N71,200
  • History and International Studies  – N71,200
  • Igbo  – N71,200
  • Language and Linguistics Igbo  – N71,200
  • Linguistics and Nigerian Languages  – N71,200
  • Mass Communication – N71,200
  • Music – N71,200
  • Theater and Film Studies – N71,200
  • Anatomy  – N71,200
  • Physiology  – N71,200
  • Botany  – N72,200
  • Zoology  – N72,200
  • Combined Biological Sciences  – N72,200
  • Biochemistry – N72,200
  • Microbiology – N72,200
  • Accountancy  – N73,700
  • Banking and Finance  – N73,700
  • Business Management – N73,700
  • Marketing  – N73,700
  • Dentistry – N77,700
  • Adult Education and Community Development – N71,200
  • Creative Arts – N71,200
  • Early Childhood Education – N71,200
  • Education and Economics – N71,200
  • Education and Geography – N71,200
  • Education and Igbo – N71,200
  • Education Arts – N71,200
  • Education and Political Science – N71,200
  • Education and English – N71,200
  • Education Biology – N71,200
  • Education Chemistry – N71,200
  • Education and Fine Arts – N71,200
  • Education Mathematics – N71,200
  • Education Physics – N71,200
  • Education Physics – N71,200
  • Education Science – N71,200
  • Education Social Science – N71,200
  • Education History – N71,200
  • Guidance and Counseling – N71,200
  • Health Education – N71,200
  • Special Education – N71,200
  • Library and Information Science – N71,200
  • Agric and Bioresources Engineering – 74,700
  • Civil Engineering – 74,700
  • Electrical Engineering – 74,700
  • Electronic Engineering – 74,700
  • Mechanical Engineering – 74,700
  • Metallurgical and Material Engineering – 74,700
  • Mechatronics Engineering – 74,700
  • Architecture – 73,700
  • Estate Management – 73,700
  • Geoinformatics and Surveying – 73,700
  • Urban and Regional Planning – 73,700
  • Medical Laboratory Science – N77,700
  • Medical Radiography – N77,700
  • Medical Rehabilitation – N77,700
  • Nursing Science – N77,700
  • Law – N76,700
  • Medicine and Surgery – N77,700
  • Pharmacy – N77,700
  • Computer Science – N72,200
  • Computer/Statistics – N72,200
  • Geology – N72,200
  • Mathematics – N72,200
  • Physics and Astronomy – N72,200
  • Pure and Industrial Chemistry – N72,200
  • Statistics – N72,200
  • Science Laboratory Technology – N72,200
  • Economics – N71,200
  • Geography – N71,200
  • Philosophy – N71,200
  • Political Sciences – N71,200
  • Psychology – N71,200
  • Public Administration and Local Government – N71,200
  • Religious Studies – N71,200
  • Sociology and Anthropology – N71,200
  • Social Work – N71,200
  • Veterinary Medicine – N76,700
  • Agric Education – N71,200
  • Agric Science Education – N71,200
  • Business Education – N71,200
  • Computer Education – N71,200
  • Home Economics Education – N71,200
  • Industrial Technical Education – N71,200

Do You Have Any Questions?

If yes, just go to the comment box below and ask your question. We will answer you as soon as we can.

Remember, if you really want to score high in UNN post UTME and also want your journey into UNN to be very smooth and easy, then you must have the original myUNN Post UTME App on your phone. Install the app here or check the app’s full benefit here.


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