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I didn’t have a reading habit but I made sure I read one topic every day — Chelsea, UNIBEN Med Lab 1st class Graduate who bagged over 9 awards

Allschool has had the pleasure to interview Miss Osayande Chelsea, the beautiful UNIBEN first-class graduate who bagged over 9 awards. In this interview, Chelsea shared her journey to success and a piece of advice to aspirants of such a feat.

Can we meet you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

My name is Osayande Chelsea Imuetinyanosa, I am 21 year old. I reside in Edo state, Benin city. I am a graduate of medical laboratory science, University of Benin. My parents are blessed with six children with me being the third child.

What was your journey to the university like?

My sojourn at the University of Benin was quite an interesting one because it was a mix of so much drama. From naive to discovering myself, from a loner to have some trusted friends. It was indeed wonderful.

What excites you most about your course?

The most intriguing fact about my course is that it makes me even more of a Columbus than I am. I am a naturally born researcher. I always have a “why” question as to how things came about. And as time went by I grew a stronger passion for genetics; anything that has to do with DNA and chromosomes. It felt like I can share in God’s secret making it part of the reasons I specialized in Histopathology. To me, medical laboratory science is a very interesting course depending on where you channel your energy.

Was there any major decision you took about your academics that helped you eventually?

The major decision I took was to tell myself that no matter the financial, psychological, or physical limitations that may present themselves, I will never compromise my goal of having a first-class. I also helped myself by surrounding myself with like-minded people. I sought mentorship as much as I could so that I would not repeat the mistakes of those above me. In all, the decision of letting God lead will always be the best decision I have taken in my life.

How often were you reading?

I did not have a reading ritual or a strict timetable I follow as the time for closing from school wasn’t fixed but I made sure I read a topic every day, listened to my body to know when to rest and also utilized my weekends effectively.

Apart from academics, were you involved in other activities?

Yes, I was and am still a graphic designer which lead to me creating my graphic design brand Chromoville in 2020. I love art as a form of relaxation and went for contemporary dance classes when I could. I love to connect with nature and enjoy the peace that comes with it.

How social were you?

I was fairly social, I had a good interpersonal relationship with students, colleagues, and lecturers, Not only in my department but across other departments in my faculty. I also tried to attend social gatherings like dinners when I could and watch football matches especially when it involved my department.

What were your most memorable moments?

My most memorable moments were in 200 level; when I got my first award as a scholar of the year in faculty of basic medical sciences and 500 level; where I met some really wonderful persons in my life. These two levels gave a new perspective to the way I think. It was filled with struggle, love, pain, joy, sadness, and happiness. I went through all kinds of emotions. I am just so grateful to God for preserving me.

What will you say to students who also desire excellence?

My first advice to students who desire excellence both in academics and others areas of life is that you should never have a limiting mindset. If only you know the power of your mind you will never say to yourself “I can’t do it”.

Secondly, you are unique never copy or compare yourself to someone else, Be creative.

Thirdly, Always have a goal and when you achieve that goal, reward yourself for it and lastly, remember the world is filled with darkness, never stop praying to God for mercy and guidance.

Miss Osayande Chelsea Imuetinyanosa can be reached via the following:

Credits: Thanks to Dr. Odigie for calling our attention to Mss Chelsea. And our gratitude also goes to Mss Chelsea for sharing her invaluable time with us while compiling this article.

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