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I Studied Law to Get My Dad Out of Prison in Time – Lady Reveals

A young Lady who decided to study Law with a mission in mind to get her convicted Father out of prison has taken to her social media page to celebrate after she finally made her dream come through.

According to the young lady, her father has been in jail since she was 4 and she did what she could to get him out just in time to make her graduation.

“I went to law school because my dad was sentenced to life in prison for non-violent drug crimes. I did what I could to get him out. He did 20 years and got out right in time for my graduation,” the Lady wrote.

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Below are some reactions from netizens;

@Doitallwell wrote: I been serving a life sentence myself since I was 19. First time offender, I was driving the car when my crime happen. Naturally I was labeled the getaway for a crime I had no clue was going to be committed.

@Lumache4 wrote: My father died 20 years ago this June. Give your Dad a hug for me. My father was a Nuclear Physicist and Lawyer. He ended his career (retired to become) a public defender because he believed that EVERYONE deserved competent counsel.

@michaeldineen58 wrote: Incredible. My daughter Samantha worked with the innocence project while at UPENN. Despite being stricken with epilepsy which led to her having 2 brain operations, she managed to help get Magaleen Stewart’s life sentence commuted to time served n home.

@niahh_love wrote: I been watching your journey from the day you first posted about it. I’m so happy you finally are at this moment. This is nobody but god. You deserve the hell out of that very moment and I hope you smelled every last rose in that moment. The both of you

@PJKathmandu wrote: Good luck in your legal career. I don’t know you but I think you are going to be a very successful advocate for anyone who you help! I’m sorry your dad spent so much time in prison. It’s just wrong. I’m glad he was there for your graduation!

@CaiStark wrote; This is the reason to become a lawyer. Not for money. Not to impress people. Do it because you know—in this case directly— that the *people* need somebody. Seriously, congratulations to your dad on getting out, and congratulations to you bc a lot of dads are still inside.

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