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”I will spend a lot of money on you” – 10-year-old boy writes a love letter to his primary school crush

A 10-year-old boy’s love letter to the girl he had a crush on when he is in primary school has surfaced on social media.

This love letter was shared online by the little girl’s brother and the recipient of the love letter named “Confidence”.

The brother read the letter recorded on the tape to his friends.

The letter read; “Dear Confidence it is me who sent a boy to you yesterday night. The first day I saw you which is yesterday, I like your attitude and your behavior.

“You are very beautiful. I want me and you to be dating ourselves. If you agree I will spend a lot of money on you. I like you. I like you to the extreme of time. I love you so much thank you”.

Some Reactions on the shared video:

@saintavenue wrote: 🖤🤗 Awwwwwn this reminds me of the love cards and love letter era.. showing off ur fine handwriting to your crush back then was a major flex.. after writing u spray small perfume put am inside envelope 😁

@rayartworld wrote:
Ahhh!!! Na me be messenger for my elder brother that year😂😂😂 Joke!!! Bimbo!! Chidinma!!! Wherever you are, una go blow ni oO!!!😂🤣

@viviangreen_ wrote
Black Diamond Quam! A 10 year old legend with too much money! 😂😂😂😂

@adeolahiddy wrote:
It’s the I love your attitude and behavior for me😂😂… Baba don know wife material 😂😂

@uncle.manuel wrote:
I remember when i wrote letter to one girl in my church, my grandmother beat me that day ehn, i can never forget

iamjayze_004 wrote:
I wrote a love letter to a girl next house tried my best to use fluent English… I was just 11 years then… The girl con go cast am give her dad… Ohmo when my Popsy find out he beat me ehn😂😂😂

@chacha_obasi wrote:
I just remember I didn’t read my very first love letter, my yeye elder sister told my mum somebody gave me a letter and they searched my bag and took it ahhhhh e pain one of the 100 reasons I hate my sister till

@cjbarz2015 wrote:
I remember when one girl in church wrote a love letter to me I sharply go report to the church children church usher they beat the girl I still told her ntooo …Now I no Dey see letters again now wey I don get sense 😢😢😢😭😭

You can watch the Video Below:


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