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I’m Lucky He Adopted Me As Mom, Says American Celebrating Nigerian ‘Son’ Graduating With 4.0+ GPA

Constance Barkley-Lewis, a US lady has taken to social media to celebrate the achievements of her godson – a Nigerian man who adopted her as mum 10 years ago.

Sharing a picture she took with her adopted son Kareem Bishi on LinkedIn, the lady started off by hailing him for finishing from Georgia State University, US with a 4.0+ GPA in computer science despite working full time.

Constance stated that she is lucky that Kareem adopted her as mum describing him as her mentor, friend and son.

The brand builder stated that she had met her godson while he was working as a professional photographer years ago.

She hailed his strong-will and resilience to succeed
The lady gushed about his strong-will, determination and resilience to succeed in America despite social constraints on his way.

She noted how the software engineer learnt html in 48 hours just so he could support his website creation for professors.

Constance hailed his selfless part that saw him always ready to help others despite his challenges.

In her words:

“He arrived from Nigeria, taught himself html in 48 hours so he could support himself creating websites for professors. He has made many sacrifices for his education yet is always ready to help others.

“In his AI class this semester, he realized his classmates were struggling so he hosted study sessions and created a three hour review for the final exam – 50% of his classmates showed up.

“His accomplishments are large enough on their own, but as a black man from another country to achieve at this level despite economic and social constraints and obstacles deserves a standing ovation.”
Kareem replies her with a touching note

Taking to the comment section of her blown up LinkedIn post, Kareem recalled how he adopted her at the instance of the anniversary of his mum’s demise.

“It was the anniversary of my mom’s passing and I was in the blues. Somehow you did what she would normally have done – perform acts of inexplicable generosity. I got teary-eyed and explained the occasion and how you uplifted me in the moment. And just like that, you became my “American mom.”

Showering encomiums on Constance, Kareem promised to surprise her beyond belief in the future.

Some comments on the post:

Lawrence Inks thought: “Being a black man from another country bears no relevance to his success. He is a smart, intelligent, and motivated human being that understands the value of when you want something, you put in the necessary effort to achieve. I applaud him for for his success and kind heart not the color of his skin.”

Evans K. wrote: “Congratulations to your God-son. This is most definitely a story worth sharing. He is on his way to change something in the world for his generation.”

Joe Dede stated: “What a powerful message and a positive story that crosses all boundaries!
“Immense credit to you Constance for having tje heart to give Kareem his opportunity in life. May he too one be in a position to reciprocate. There is a lesson for us all here to learn from.”

Kola Yaqub said: “Congratulations Kareem for your outstanding performance! Congrats for excelling in spite of all odds; Thank you for choosing to bring the intelligence we are known for as Naija into the fore! Thank you for making us proud as Nigerians; Thank you for making Lagosians be proud of one of them; Thank you for achieving rarity and for your selfless endeavors: It’s what we are known for. Thank you for representing Africa and Black Race!!!
“Constance, your heart is large and beautiful! Thank you for the support, encouragement and mentorship! Your selflessness has indeed paid off for him!!!”

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