JAMB CAPS Frequently Asked Questions & their Accurate Answers [UPDATED]

JAMB CAPS Frequently Asked Questions & their Accurate Answers. JAMB Candidates have been facing one problem or the other while trying to access JAMB CAPS? This leads to different questions. We will answer all the those questions in this page.

In this page created by ALLSCHOOL, we will provide answers to Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)  most JAMB candidates ask about the JAMB CAPS. But we will start by explaining what JAMB CAPS is all about.


In-case you don’t know what JAMB CAPS is all about, let us briefly explain.

CAPS is an acronym for Central Admissions Processing System. This is were Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) automate all admission exercises for all candidates. With this tool , candidates can either accept or reject their admission. Candidates who reject their admission will be placed in the market place. This means the candidates details will be sent to schools that needs such candidates.

RECOMMENDED: How to Accept/Reject Admission on JAMB CAPS Portal.

Having explain JAMB CAPS, lets delve into the business of the day!!! It is time to answer Frequently JAMb CAPS Questions.

Note that If we didn’t answer the question you have in mind, then feel free to ask your question using the comment box. We will be pleased to answer them BUT MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ASK QUESTION THAT HAS BEEN ANSWERED..


JAMB CAPS Transfer Approval page

Q: Please i uploaded my o-level results during jamb registration but I’ve been trying to check it on jamb caps but it’s showing me `no o-level result uploaded’ Please what should I do ?

ANS: JAMB is yet to upload the result on CAPS. You should check it back later after some weeks

Q: Please what is JAMB CAPS Transfer Approval page?

ANS: The JAMB CAPS Transfer Approval Page is a place where JAMB notifies candidates that their First Choice Institution want to transfer them from their course of preference to another course. You can only accept/reject new course if the school wants to change you to another department.

Q: How do I go to the JAMB CAPS Transfer Approval page?

  • Go to jamb.org.ng/efacility.
  • Login with username and password (make sure you are using google chrome and also switch it to desktop view)
  • From left panel menu click on “Check Admission Status
  • Click on “Access my CAPS
  • From the left panel menu click on “Transfer Approval
  • If you have not been transferred to another programme, you will see “No Programme Transfer Consideration
  • If you have been transferred you will see the course and other details.
  • After Pending Candidate’s Action, you will see a button, click on it (we recommend using a desktop computer)
  • Click on “Accept
  • You should see “Record(s) successfully saved” with a green

Q: How will I Know if I my school wants to change me to another course?

ANS: Its simple! For candidates who have not been changed to another course they will see description of JAMB CAPS and “No program transfer consideration”. see image below:

jamb caps transfer approval

But if your school wants to change you to another course, you will see the name of your school, the course, the date it was created and other details. See example in image below:

If what you saw in your transfer approval page is same with the image above,  We recommend you accept/reject as soon as you can.

Q: I was told that I don’t need to do the change of course after transfer approval hope it will not affect my chance of admission. I know of a person who entered with transfer approval and didn’t do change of course


QUES: I tried login in to my portal but what I saw is Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I also scrolled down and saw Login to Candidate’s Account. PLEASE WHY AM I SEEING THIS?

ANS: This is an error from JAMB portal and it will be resolved very soon, check it back after some hours/days. Please be patient.

Q: I tried login in to jamb portal but it showed “Object reference not set to an instance of an object“, please why is that?

ANS: It’s probably little error from jamb portal. But not to worry. You can login to your portal by entering your email and password in the required columns. Follow the numbering on the image below:

jamb caps object reference

Q: Good morning Sir, sir my jamb caps wasn’t showing my course and institution before and my admission status was showing not admitted but just today my caps showed my course and institution but the admission status is still not admitted. Please what does it mean?

ANS: The fact that you were not seeing your course and institution was a problem from JAMB. They were probably working on it. Now, they are probably solving the issue. That is why you are now seeing the course and institution. It doesn’t mean you will or will not be offered admission. Keep checking your admission status.

Q: When I tried checking my Admission Status, I saw “For Current Year Admission, Kindly Click on the ‘Access My CAPS’ button to Accept your Admission on CAPS first”. PLEASE WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

Simple Answer: They are just notifying you that you can also check your admission status on jamb caps portal.

Detailed Answer: What you saw is a notification from JAMB to all 2019 (current year) Candidates to check their JAMB CAPS Portal and accept admission (if they have been admitted). It doesn’t mean you have been admitted, it just means you should go to JAMB CAPS Portal, check admission status and accept admission if you have been admitted to your school/course of choice.

Q: Please am not able to access my jamb caps due to the loss of my password? How can I recover my password?

jamb caps showing wrong password

ANS 1: You can CLICK HERE to reset/change your password. This will work if you can access the email you used during registration. If you can’t access the email, try next answer.

ANS 2: Send ‘password contact@allschool.com.ng (you should use you own email address) to 55019′ using the SIM you registered Jamb with, you’ll receive your password as SMS. The message should be:

password contact@allschool.com.ng

Please make sure you use the email you used during registration. Send the above to 55019.

Q: My jamb caps is showing “Refresh from caps” please what does that mean.

ANS: If you don’t have any problems no need to refresh from caps.

Q: At first I saw “Admission in Progress” then later I saw “Not Admitted”. But my school have offered me admission. Please what should I do?

Answer: Its not a problem. Just check your caps portal after some days/weeks. The admission will reflect. And make sure your O’level result is on the CAPS portal.

Q: Please my Course and Institution is not showing on JAMB CAPS Portal. Why and what should I do?

Answer: According to JAMB Support, don’t panic. You have not been offered admission, when you are offered it will show.

Q: When I try to access my JAMB CAP Portal, it keep showing “You are not eligible for this service”. Please why?

Answer: Just go back and change your exam year to 2019. Even though you might have changed it already, when you go back you will see the year has being altered, just put it back to 2019, then click Access CAPS.

Q: I can not log-in it’s showing me invalid credentials. What should I do?

Answer: Make sure you follow the steps we stated HERE. Most times candidates try going to the JAMB CAPS portal directly without first login-in to their JAMB portal and this causes issues.

Q: Please I need your help, my CAPS is saying “welcome” and I have refreshed the pages it’s still the same. Pls what can I do to it …

Answer: Locate and click the 3dots in the right above your browser screen. Then click on desktop site. It should show you your admission status tab. Check image below;

Check No1

Q: Please am only seeing sorry you have not be given admission yet does this means that they will still give me admission?

Answer: Yes you might still gain admission into your desired school. 

Q: I checked the jamb caps portal and it bring out my details and accept nd reject admission nd i accept it nd it shows congratulations
But wen I check the school portal it said not given admission yet
Does DAT mean the portal has a problem or have not been admitted into school but I went to the school to check the admission list I saw my name but still telling me am not given admission yet on the school portal but my jab portal told me have been admited so am confused pls help me out…

Answer: You have been offered admission. The problem is from your school portal. they will update it soon or you are not following the right procedure.

Q: My status is showing ”recommended” can I accept it?

Answer : Don’t Accept Yet, if You’ve accepted already there is No Problem

Q: My status is showing “recommended” what does it mean

Answer: This Means the Institution You Picked Haven’t Given You Admission and There’s a Chance That Institution may or may not Give you admission, So If you Click Accept Or Not, Jamb Will Automatically Put You in the Market Place. That is Assign You to another University That Wants You Whether You picked them or not. So after clicking accept, keep checking the acceptance page to be notified of your fresh admission or initial choice of admission.

Q: Mine is showing admission in progress..but before that it showed ‘proposed’ in the admission status, after clicking accept later showed records updated..but now all it shows is admission in progress..

Answer: Relax And Keeping checking the portal. You might be admitted.

Q: Good evening sir, I should have been admitted in to AAU, I have a high screening result but I checked on jamb caps, but I’m still seeing not admitted…What do you think could be the problem sir?

Answer : are you the admission officer? If no keep waiting.

Q:I am a direct entry applicants. Mine stopped at 2017 not 2018?

Answer: DE students Relax For Now Concerning Caps. 

Q: Hello sir, my jamb admission status is blank what can I do sir

Answer: Try Checking your Status with another Device or Web browser. Or follow the steps for mobile device HERE.

Q: Please i have been offered admission by jamb caps but d school have not offered me admission, what do i do, should i accept it or not

Answer: Accept it and I don’t think jamb has set a deadline yet cause most people status didn’t change even after 72hrs (based on last year experience)…no harm in accepting.

Q: my school list is actually not yet out but already with jamb. And applicants from d school have started receiving and accepting admission. but for sometime now when i check it shows ”NOT ADMITTED”, so i want to ask does it mean i was not offered admission by jamb at all. or i have not been offered yet? thanks.

Answer : 90% chance you haven’t been admitted, have people who picked the same course as you did, been admitted via caps if yes, you haven’t been admitted.. Keep hoping.

Q: I applied for elect elect in UNN, but jamb offered me Education and chemistry and I mistakenly accepted it, pls wat will I do, does it mean DAT I can’t go for elect elect again

Answer : yes , you don’t have the requirements, you can try again next year if you can’t study chemistry.

Q: Mine was ‘proposed’ and i accepted please tell me more about it i don’t understand because it even brought my details and also d school i put in for…

Answer : Your Status is Proposed? If Yes Relax no admission yet

Q: I have been given admission by the school and i have also accepted in jamb caps but up till now when i go to admission letter and click print it says no data found.

Answer: This is because the portal to print JAMb admission letter is yet to be activated. Check it later. 

Q: Pls my name is out in my university website but still showing no admission given yet in jamb…

Answer: This is because the school is yet to send your name to jamb portal. You school may or may not send your name to JAMB. If they do, you will see “congratulations…” If they do not, you will apply for jamb regularization.

Q: If my school didn’t send my name to JAMB portal, how can I print my admission letter?

Answer: You an get the school admission letter. But if you want to get JAMB admission letter, You will apply for jamb regularization. make sure you choose that you registered for JAMb that year. Then you will required to prove that you have been admitted in that school After which you will pay N5,000 (the price at the time of making this article).

Q: Hello, please I just accessed my caps profile, but my institution and course isn’t there. This is the second time I’m trying. Thanks

Answer: Don’t panic. It is a problem from the JAMB CAPS portal and it will be resolved soon. However, make sure you are following the procedure (see links above).

Do you have any JAMB CAPS question you want us to answer??? Please use the comment box to ask the question and we will be pleased to answer them. BUT MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ASK QUESTION THAT HAS BEEN ANSWERED.

Thank you so much for reading this article, we really do appreciate. We hope you loved it, if you did, please share this page with your friends via the share buttons below. Sharing is caring.

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Good morning Sir, I still haven’t changed my course and institution of study on my JAMB portal even though I have graduated from a different institution and studied a different course. Now we’ve been told to ensure that we are on the JAMB matriculation list by printing our admission letters, which I did and it immediately reflected on my JAMB portal that I’m now on the matriculation list. The problem now is, even though I’m on the matriculation list, the portal still shows that I’ve been admitted into a completely different institution (which was my JAMB first choice), under a… Read more »


Please Sir, I apply for Unillorin as first choice and Kwara poly as second choice ,I am seeing only the university in my jamb caps, is it only one I will see or the two when i want to check my admission status

Istifanus James

How do I create JAMB caps profile


Please I did change of course..and it reflected on my CAPS..but when I registered for post UTME my previous course was still de one there..
But de change if course has reflected on my CAPS..
But de guy dat registered me told me that it will surely reflect during reprinting..

Pls is it true?


Please I did change of course..and it reflected on my CAPS..but when I registered for post UTME my previous course was still de one there..
But de change if course has reflected on my CAPS..
But de guy dat registered me told me dat so far as de Change of course has reflected on my CAPS dat it will surely show during reprinting

Is it true?

Last edited 11 days ago by Etebo
Fortune ehiosun

When I registered jamb they put my gender as female instead of male.. now it’s still reflecting on my AAU kofa.. how can I change it.. can i change it now and how??

Fortune ehiosun

My AAU kofa is showing submitted and I haven’t gotten my screening point since September 25.. why haven’t I gotten my screening point and been admitted??


I was offered admission to my choice of course but when I get to the school my course was changed to a different one. My problem is that I haven’t gotten my matric number and the course the school gave me is not reflecting on my jamb portal.Please what should I do to resolve the issue


Sir, my question is about post-utme registration, I registered for post-utme but the course appeared in the Reg. Slip was Nursing which is my old first choice before I make a changing of course to medical lab. Science. And when I print my original jamb result it shows Medical lab. Science as my first choice, the same thing when I log in to my BukAptitude test. Sir is this a problem?

Tobiloba Moboluwade

Hello please I uploaded my waec results on jamb caps three weeks ago and on my portal it’s still say no o level results uploaded and my date of birth is no longer showing in my jamb caps

Ake Happinesses

Pls i uploaded my waec result on jamb portal now the year is showing 2017 instead of 2019,will there be a problem?

Ijaiya Ayodeji

I checked my jamb CAPS and found out my date of birth wasn’t there
But it’s uploaded on my jamb print out
What do I do?
Same problem with my o’level results


Pls has laspotech have start giving admission 2020


Please I registered for jamb 2020 but I can’t access the jamb CAPS. Do I have to open an account on jamb CAPS too


Sir pls if I’m given admission on jamb caps and I didn’t accept it on time due to some reasons will they withdraw it?

Adebola Bolaji

Plz sir I want to purchase yabatech post utme but there telling me that my jamb registration number is not found among the list of jamb reg. Pls help


Please Sir I have two questions 1. I tried uploading my o’level results on my jamb portal , I received this message as you can see in the picture below sir, does one receive a message like that whenever one upload his or her results… 2. I picked Mech. Eng. So when I wanted to apply for the post utme form in unilorin they said my jamb score is to low for the course I picked so I did a change of course right there in the portal so I changed to B.Sc. (Ed) physics so when I wanted to… Read more »


The course I applied on my jamb profile is different from the one I applied on school portal because I didn’t see that same course applied on jamb caps in school portal
Any problem?

Umar Farouq

please jamb gave mi admission for computer science but school gave mi physics
Do I still need to do ja!b regularization?


I have a problem I have done regularization but still jamb as not giving admission and I’m in my final year …

Agare queen Aforke

Good morning.please when I purchased my jamb I filled oghara but I ended up attending ozoro polytechnic.is it possible for me to use that Same jamb registration number for my jamb regulazation since I didn’t go to oghara


Please my Date of birth is not showing on my Jamb CAPS, is it gonna show later or I have to do correction of data


Please my Date of Birth is not showing on my Jamb CAPS, is it still gonna show later or I have to do correction of data


The date of birth space on my jamb caps is blank
What could be the problem


I did a change of course but it’s not reflecting please what can I do?


I did a change of course From medicine to Microbiology when filling my form for EKSU but When I checked my CAPS i was seeing Medicine and not Microbiology

Jolayemi Monsurat

I actually login on my jamb caps but Date of birth was blank and my utme combination consist of only 3 subjects instead of 4 and I did 4,why???


hello please i have bought 2 utme forms but on my caps profile only the school i picked as first choice is showing.shouldnt the other school be there too?


Before I uploaded my Waec result to jamb portat, I could access my caps but after the upload, when I click on ‘access my caps’ nothing pops up.. please what could be the problem?


Pls i recently uploaded my waec result but it showed that no result was uploaded, I went back to reupload it again and it was successfully uploaded. still its showing on the caps that no result has been uploaded. Is it an issue from jamb portal or the cbt centre? Even my Date of birth isn’t showing. Pls want can I do?


I mistakenly accepted an admission on jamb and now I want to reject it,how do I go about it? (2019/2020 admission)

Last edited 1 month ago by Chinoso

My year of birth is not showing on my jamb caps
Am I to go and upload that one too


Please I uploaded my results but it’s yet to show on CAPS

Last edited 1 month ago by Cassy
Bolaji Fasoyin

Can I change my institution after uploading my olevel results?

Olufungbe Iyanuoluwa

Please sir, have done my changing of institution once and I made a mistake of the course I choose and I want to re change it, is just rejecting my payment. Pls want can I do

Ofili Onyinye

Is the jamb office in lagos open?

Ofili Onyinye

Please i am trying to print my result slip after payment but it keeps saying ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’..what can i do


Pls when I logged in to jab portal it showed two lashes in my date of birth, whats happening pls


Sir my Dob from 2019, don’t want me to access it on jamb, don’t know whether it’s still possible to change?


Sir pls I need your assistance on my Dob,I did jamb since 2019,and they did not allow me to access it,can I still change my Dob now?


Sir I don’t know whether I can correct my Dob since last year jamb,cuz am confused right now?.


On my transfer approval page…I saw pending candidates action and not a place for me to accept or reject admission..what do I do?


Good day sir! I was transfered from one course to another at EKSU and i’ve accepted since January and I also did change of course but I haven’t still been admitted,I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong.

Rukayat Atobatele

Hello I did change of course in my school of choice but not on jamb portal hope there won’t be no problem or I should go and change it also on jamb portal


Hello I did change of course in my school of choice but not on jamb portal hope there won’t be no problem


I uploaded my olevel results on jamb portal some weeks ago and it reflected on my caps, but I changed my course three days back and I can’t find my olevel on my caps again, I’ve uploaded the olevel again but still it’s not reflecting…. What should I do pls


Pls I can’t access my caps whenever I clicked on access my caps it will not load


I checked my Olevel results on caps and it was there but it was not showing Exam Type .

And again
I use same name on waec and jamb but was dff when filling my school form . middle name and last name was not dsame order has it was on jamb and waec. But surname was dsame.
Will that affect me?


Please ave uploaded my o level result but it’s not correct…should I reupload??


Hi, I used my profile code of last year, email and all, when I logged in, my registration number of last year was what was showing, meanwhile I have a new one, can registration number be updated?

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