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Kind Teacher Takes Pity On Poor Students, Gives 1,400 Beds to Kids Who Sleep on Bare Floor

Rebekah Wilson, a 33-year-old teacher has changed the story of her students by providing beds for them. She had pity on the school children who do not have beds to sleep on at home and provided 1,400 beds for them.

The teacher was touched by the stories of the students and decided to start the charity work.

The generous teacher, revealed that ‘bed poverty’ as she termed it is very common in the United Kingdom adding that it is important that students sleep well so as to perform well in school.

Rebekah did not donate all 1400 beds at once, she had used the last four years to donate them along with mattresses, pillows, and cover cloths. The 33-year-old teacher carried out her charity work through her foundation, Zarach since 2017.

She has thereby dedicated the last four years to combating ‘bed poverty’. She started what can be termed a bed poverty alleviation project when one of her English class students opened up to her about how he and his younger ones had to sleep on the bare floor without beddings.

In addition to this, another student lost focus in school because he was always scratching his stomach due to bites of bed bugs on the cushioned chair he slept in every night.

Rebekah has stressed that children need sleep saying that children would not get a good education if they are always deprived of a good night’s sleep. Relating the prevalence of bed poverty in Leeds UK, the teacher has revealed that she has delivered beds to nearly every postal code address in the city.

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She has been able to raise thousands of pounds in fighting child poverty in the city since she started her NGO.

“All of us are only a couple of bad days, bad decisions or bad moments away from needing similar support to what we [Zarach] offer.” she said.

If all of us or many of us can be kind enough to have gestures like Rebekah, the world would have been a better place and many people would have been raised from their poverty-stricken conditions

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