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Lady confused on whether to marry boyfriend who pays her school fees with his akara business

A Nigerian female graduate who goes by the name Chinemerem has revealed on social media that she is in doubt about marrying her boyfriend, who sponsored her university education considering what he does for a living.

In a post on her Twitter page, the young lady revealed that her man pays her tuition with money from his akara business.

But she is confused about whether it makes sense for her to agree to marry him after she graduates from the university.

The pretty lady who described her lover as ‘akara’ man asked for advice from users on the microblogging platform.

She tweeted; ”My boyfriend pays my school fees through his ‘akara’ business, but now I am confused. How can a graduate marry an ‘akara’ man?”

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Meanwhile, many people were outraged over her indecisiveness and they spoke their minds in her comment section. See some below;

@Christyidols: “If he can pay your school fees he can take can (care) of you, If you can’t marry me no be by force just settle him all the money he has spent on you + VAT you are Good to go.”

@Tayemise09: “If you both agree to marry each other after graduation and you both made an agreement that he will pay your school fees with his akara business, you’ll marry him because he used his hard earned money to pay your fees.”

@eluwahpromise: “Ole omo ale oshi, why you no go marry am again? You no go see job, no be curse.Why I no get this kind lucky?Abi I never marry the Akara man.”

“I go even use the knowledge wey I get from the school he sent me to enlarge his business as my way of appreciation.”

@J_julix10: “I know she’s chasing clout but something like this happen when a Igbo guy is paying his girlfriend school fees who is in kwasu from 100L and you know how much they pay but the girl reach 300l get pregnant for another guy and they were dating to marry but guy don send her packing.”

@Kirajoh38502524: “I think u are part of d women that made some men don’t want to trust other ladies. even wen they are at d position to help them they won’t agree to help due to all this kind things💯y didn’t u tell him from d beginning so he can know he is only helping a charity organization 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️.”

@LemonadesWith: “Why can’t you marry an Akara man? but you can take his money? have the fear of God o! Honestly, a hardworking person is better than a person who gets things handed to them, cuz even in adversity that person will still make something out of nothing.”

@oluwabuyikunmi_: “For starters if he can pay your fees all through your university days then he can no doubt take care of you, and if you don’t want to get married to him then please make sure to pay him all the money he spent on you in university cause you made that man waste so much!.”

@femistico: “Why i go blame you now, na the guy i blame. After several warnings everywhere that stop supporting women financially…relationship is not a poverty alleviation program it’s the work of the government.. Why i go send babe go school con dey pay her schl fees??🥺wahala.”

@Chi_wendyy: “Even if he was an akara seller so far he trained you and you agreed,Marry him and join him to sell the akara or as a graduate, improve his situation.”

@noahbobo77: “What a nonsense question. You can collect Akara seller money to become graduate but ashame to be call his wife. Let me tell you this, if you break his heart, you invite curse into your life, because both of you know the reason why he spent the money on you.”

@ibmsalako: “I doubt if you’re really a graduate, Instead of running away and leaving the man , You can however help him turn the business big since you’re educated.

We have canteen that run in a big scale , like wise akara business can also run on a large scale thereby amassing wealth.”

@Tayemise09: “If you both agree to marry each other after graduation and you both made an agreement that he will pay your school fees with his akara business, you’ll marry him because he used his hard earned money to pay your fees.”

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Mannir Danjuma

Nobody should give her any advice.
Immediately she said she is confused, it means she wanted to betray him.
Go ahead, but you should know that Nemises will soon catch up with you.

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