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Lady in dilemma after her boyfriend asked her to choose between him and going for her fully-funded scholarship abroad

A 22-year-old lady is currently in a Dilemma after her boyfriend who has promised to marry her asked her to choose between him and her going for her fully-funded scholarship abroad.

Canada-based Nigerian Professor of Computer Science, Professor Rita Orji, who shared the story online, said the young lady wrote to her asking for her advice

”Woke up to an email from a lady who got a fully-funded admission for an MSc abroad Her ‘boyfriend’ told her to choose btn the admission & him She seeks advice I don’t interfere in relationship issues but think it’s unfair to put her in such a state People have diff priorities.

My only question was: What is at stake if you choose one option over another? Based on this and your priorities, you can decide on what to do if he refuses to change his stand She said, the guy may break up with her and he promised to marry her.

“She is 22 years. What would you do if you were the girl or her boyfriend?”

Some users had taken the comment to react to her dilemma. Some of them are:

Chinwe wrote: I am very upset with this question. This scenario. The lady, the boyfriend and the Prof.. sorry Prof I had to include you. How can we at this stage in 2022 still been faced with this? And lady, at 22years, what is your priority? Boyfriend, in marriage, will you allow your wife to blossom? Achieve her potentials? Achieve her dreams? Prof, she reached out to you because she trust your judgement, please disappoint us NOT.

Dbaddes wrote: In life we all make sacrifices. I understand the guy, long distance relationships don’t last, I can’t be getting married to a woman that is over 6 thousand miles away from me, it’s too early for that abeg.

Anonymous wrote: This one is very easy na. I am a guy, any guy who gives you that option is not mature for marriage and growth. Go for your MSc, leave the irrational bastard behind. He may catch up later or you face your future smarter prospects.

ANother Anonymous wrote: I laughed! I’m a man but I will never stand against the progress of my fiancee or wife. What about if situation turn around, and the guy is no longer interested in the marriage due to certain circumstances or the other. My advice for the girl is to take the bull by the horn, have a mutual discussion with the guy, summon courage and go for her Masters that’s well funded. She may never get the opportunity again in her lifetime especially if she is married and start having children. But if she so love the guy and doesn’t want to jeopardize his relationship she should tell the guy to engage her in court at least to secure their relationship while she go.

What do you think? Lend your voice.

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Musa Abdullahi Abdullahi

Nothing girl move God will give you a better man than him so don’t look back


Please go for your Msc.
This is once in life time opportunity.
A man who can’t support you on your career, destiny, academic is not wordy be a husband.
She’s too young to rushing into marriage. My dear your future is still bright.
He should be happy for you and not giving you an option.
Opportunity come but once
Please don’t miss this opportunity given to you or in the name of a boyfriend, that might disappoint you tomorrow. Don’t be decived, be wise.

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