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Lady narrates approach taken after daughter complained how classmates refused to be her friend

A young mother identified as @Talk2Abby has taken to Twitter to narrate steps she took to fix the situation when classmates of her daughter refused to make friends with her.

She mentioned in her tweet that listening to her daughter’s complain of being abandoned by her classmates, she went to her school to figure out the problem.

When she asked why they didn’t want to be friends with her daughter, she was surprised that all her classmate pointed fingers at her daughter for being the reason.

The post reads as follows:

“My daughter has been complaining that no one likes her in class and all her classmates have refused to be her friend.

“In the wake of all that’s been happening in the country lately (you know the story) I decided to pay her a surprise visit in school today.

“Called the school that I’ll be picking her up instead of the school bus.
“Got there early enough to meet her classmates.
“She was so happy to see me and her friends as well.
“I sat down with them & ask “who amongst you don’t want to be Olivia’s friend again?
“Everyone raised their hands 😩😩 I cringed. “why please”?
“Everyone: because she is always looking for my trouble and will not say sorry.
“So apparently, madam is the Queen B of the class and has been bullying everyone, so not fair at all.

“We had the talk in front of her classmates. I told her that if you hurt your mates, they’ll never want to be your friend and if you say sorry to them you have to mean it & not repeat the same mistakes.

“Most importantly if anyone hurts you, report to your teacher.
“She apologised to everyone and meant it this time.

“Next thing she shouted “everyone come give me a hug” and they all ran to hug her 😂😂😂😂😂 children! 😄

“I’m glad I went there to find out the truth and not assume, as parents we need to do better. “

The next time, something happens to you or get a report, take your time and think of a way to handle it. Most likely, take a different approach in handling it. This is exactly the case of this lady.

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