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LASU Best Graduating Student Reveals his Own Secret to First Class

Ogunsanya, LASU Best Graduating Student of 2016/2017 Session Reveals his Own Secret to First Class.

Ogunsanya Adetoro, lasu best graduating student secret
Ogunsanya Adetoro, LASU Best Graduating Student of 2016/2017 Session

Since we learn have to learn from the experience of successful people in our career/dream, we found it important to share the success story of one of the Lagos State University Best Graduating Student.

The story was gotten from an interview with Ogunsanya Adetoro and Punch Editor, TUNDE AJAJA

Ogunsanya Adetoro is a 24 year old young Nigerian who graduated from Lagos State University (LASU) as the best graduating student of the 2016/2017 session. He graduated with 4.78 from the Department of Business Administration. It was earlier reported that he failed his first WAC and NECO. We also announced that the Governor of Lagos State gave him a cash price of N5million.

Having introduced Ogunsanya, read the excerpt of the interview below;

What have you been doing since you graduated last year?

I got engaged immediately, I interned with KPMG Professional Services. Right now, I am undergoing the compulsory National Youth Service Corp Programme.

It is believed that success, especially in academic work, is not a product of happenstance, but of hard work. Was it from the moment you got to school that you planned to be the best in your set?

I have always had the desire to perform excellently in all I do, but the zeal to graduate as the best in my set became a desire during the course of the programme. At first, it seemed impossible, because there were many other brilliant students too. However, towards the end of my final year, it became more probable, and I thank God who made it happen.

When did you start having first class?

My trend of excellent result began in my first year. I started with a 4.86 GPA.  It aided my focus and further improved my confidence.

You won N5m prize, courtesy of the Lagos State governor. Would you mind sharing with us your plan for the money?

I plan to invest the money in a viable business. And again I’m grateful to the governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, for that gesture.

He also gave you a scholarship to any university in the world, what options are you looking at?

Definitely, I will be going to a top notch school for my Master’s degree, which could be in either the United Kingdom or the United States, but most preferably, the US.

What were the other awards you won on the convocation day?

I won the Lagos State University overall best graduating student award, Faculty of Management Sciences best graduating student award, Department of Business Administration best graduating student award, Sterling Bank Award to the best graduating student in Faculty of Management Sciences and LASU USA/Canada Alumni Award.

We learnt you inherited a health challenge, which almost affected your performance in school. Could you tell us more about it and how you managed it?

I’m the fourth of seven children. As a child, I knew I had so much promise for the future, but I began to suffer inferiority complex when I had cataract in one of my eyes. I inherited it and I’m the only one who had such. In order to prevent this defect from extending to the second eye, I had to undergo a surgery which was unsuccessful. Sadly, after some time, I was diagnosed with cataract in the second eye too. This defect went on till I finished secondary school. My West African Senior School Certificate Examination and the National Examination Council exam results were well decorated with F9. It was a poor result. After that tragic experience, with the assistance of my uncle and his wife, we went helter-skelter to proffer a permanent solution to that major defect. We visited several hospitals before we were finally referred to the University College Hospital in Ibadan in 2011. After several months of many tests and therapy, another surgery was carried out and to the Glory of God, it was a success. The challenge then was how to catch up on lost time. I had to start afresh like someone who had never attended a secondary school but to the Glory of God, I graduated as an achiever. In my second attempt, I had an excellent result in GCE and I scored 215 in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. Truly, I’m the definition of “When there is life, there is hope.” The place of the God factor in my achievement cannot be overemphasised. So, it was a combination of God’s grace and personal devotion, because even in my previous schools, despite the challenge that I had with my sight, I was always able to maintain good results and my performances were usually above average.

Given the challenge you had, were there times you almost gave up on your pursuit of being the overall best?

There were times that it seemed impossible but with dedication and sustained hard work, I kept the faith alive.

Could you capture how your parents received the news that you were the overall best in your set?

It is the prayer of every parent to see their children perform excellently. I’m glad I made my parents proud of my accomplishment. They received the news with a surge of exhilaration.

Was your choice of Business Administration borne out of love for business or that was what you were offered?

I initially wanted to study Accounting but the institution had accreditation issues then, so choosing Business Administration was an impromptu decision.

Many people with no knowledge of the curriculum of Business Administration are doing well in that field and it is a course people of other disciplines offer at Master’s level. Does that not somehow erode the significance of the course at first degree level?

Business Administration gives students the opportunity and capacity to explore within the broad spectrum of business operations at any level and that is why people of other disciplines are attracted to studying it at Master’s level. However, at first degree level, students are equipped with the rudimentary skills needed to succeed in the business world. Therefore, because other disciplines offer it at Master’s level does not in any way erode the significance of the course at first degree level.

Many students would love to know the reading schedule that helped you to emerge as the best in your set. What was it like?

It really depends on the situation and task at hand, but on the average, during the week days, I studied for about three hours or more while on weekends, it was usually between five and six hours. Several times, I deprived myself of good sleep because of my academics. It became a habit I had to cultivate in my second year.

Did you face any challenge, like finance, as an undergraduate?

It was not a smooth ride. I faced quite a number of challenges. The most challenging was transportation issue because of the Lagos and Badagry Expressway, which had been undergoing some reconstruction works for some years now and this often leads to heavy gridlock on the road. This is a distance that could be covered within twenty minutes of smooth ride, but sometimes one hour or one hour 30 minutes might not be enough.

Did you enjoy staying off campus, as your school didn’t have accommodation on campus?

Aside from the transportation challenge that I faced, it was a tranquil experience and I enjoyed it.

Did you enjoy cooking as an undergraduate or it was a big burden?

I enjoyed it. Although there were times that it seemed like a heavy burden because of the plethora of work and attention needed to get other things done, I would say it was fun.

Some students aim for academic excellence to make their parents happy and some do so to satisfy themselves. What kept you going to keep giving your best?

Fortunately, for me, it was a combination of both. I was looking for ways to make my parents proud of me as well as achieving a high level of self actualisation and I thank God I achieved it.

LASU is socially inclined relatively. Were you a social person or it was all about your books?

The academic milieu of Lagos State University is one that strongly encourages participation in extra-curricular activities, from which certain skills are imbued in students, towards making them balanced. So, as an undergraduate, I tried to do many things aside from my academics. In my second year, I served as the Financial Secretary for the student association in my department (BAMSA-LASU). Likewise in my third year, I diligently served as the General Secretary for the student association in my faculty (MASSA-LASU). In my final year, I was the Chairman, Planning Committee, Graduating Set of 2017. I was also an active member of Lagos State University Debate Society and I represented the institution with a team of debaters who flourished in many competitions. And I was a member of Foursquare Campus fellowship.

Given the nature of the course you studied, what are your aspirations?

Due to the nature of the course that I studied and the current trend in my work experience, I will be venturing into business consulting and development with a professional involvement in accounting. So, I aspire to be an influential figure, most especially in the area of business consulting.

What do you think students should do to have your kind of result?

Basically, students should focus unrelentingly and assiduously pursue their passions. My advice to young people like me is that whatever that is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Let’s always put in our best in whatever we may have to do as well as keep and develop a healthy network.

From what you were taught, what would you identify as the prevailing challenges against the business environment in Nigeria?

Both theoretical and practical knowledge have made it clear that for any business to thrive, there must be a sustainable enabling environment. In the absence of basic social amenities and auxiliary infrastructure, businesses, especially the small and medium scale enterprises, cannot survive, and those SMEs serve as the catalyst for growth and development in every nation.

What do you think government should do differently?

Thousands of policies have been formulated but were not effectively implemented; some were not even implemented at all. Moving forward, our government should embark on an aggressive implementation of policies coupled with an effective feedback and control mechanism.

What were your most exciting and most embarrassing moments?

The most embarrassing moment was when I scored one out of ten in one of our major courses in my second year. However, it became a moment that further sharpened my study habits as I did not want such to reoccur. The most exciting moment was when I wrote my final exam. It was a moment filled with so much joy because I knew that the prevailing struggles had finally ended and all the efforts I had put in had yielded results.

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he just motivated me!
” Anything worth doing is worth doing well”

Simon Godwin Idoko

Congratulations to you!

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