LASU commences virtual classes despite complaint from the students

The vice-chancellor, Lagos State University (LASU) Prof.Olanrewaju Fagboun said the institution is set to commence online classes in line with the directive of the state government to cover for lost time.
Despite complaint by the students the university is ready now to commence the virtual classes.

LASU commences virtual classes despite complaint from the students
Prof.Olanrewaju Fagboun

Prof Fagboun said to achieve this; the institution is partnering Envivo (an online application whereby materials would be shared, lectures would hold and quizzes would be done)

The state government had directed all state-owned institutions shut over the Corona Virus pandemic to commence online learning. Already, the vice chancellor said the university management academic committee had a virtual meeting with the leaders of the students union.
“In the virtual meeting, issues were raised concerning the disruption in the academic studies of the university due to the lockdown.

According to Prof. Fagboun, the governor’s directive is that the institution should commence online classes for the students.

The university would be sending mail to each student’s email address to register for this virtual class.
It is important to note that examination questions would be set on the lectures held during the virtual classes, there is no excuse for failure; students should get their smart phone recharged with data and a fully charged battery as these classes are important and for the betterment of the students.

“In case you miss a class, you have the avenue to still download the materials and print to read. All these measures have been taken to make learning easy for the students,” the vice chancellor added.

However, some students have protested lack of data usage for virtual learning. But the vice chancellor while assuring the students of the school’s support said efforts are ongoing to assist those concerned.

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Prof Fagboun said, “I have been inundated with calls, comments by some of our students that they will find it difficult to be a part of the online lectures because things are tough. I believe some clarification is necessary. The goal of our visitor, Mr Governor, and that of our institution is to ensure that our students graduate without undue extension of their academic session. We also desire a situation where in the competition of life, our students are able to show anywhere in the world that during the global crisis, their academic activities continued. That is what is happening globally. Suggestions have been made for us to seek out philanthropists who will support the project so that it will be affordable. I wish to assure that the Lagos State Government is already doing that.

“For the online classes, the Envivo platform has been configured in such a way that our students can always go there at their convenience to get the prior- recorded uploaded lectures. This will allow for minimal use of data. What we are seeking to do is to offer our students same opportunity as are available to students of Ivy League and other expensive institutions. Let us therefore refrain from giving excuses. It is all about your future. God be with you all,” the vice chancellor added.

Source: GUARDIAN News

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