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Little Girl Tearfully Knocks Her Mum For Not Teaching Her Homework Well

A Nigerian mum was stunned after her daughter tearfully remarked that she was not teaching her well and that she prefer her teacher’s method in school.

A little girl gave her mother helping out with school work a shocker after affirming the superiority of her school teacher’s methods.

With tears in her eyes, the girl refused to heed directions from her mother on how to answer the homework questions.

Seeing how her mother persisted, the little girl then opened up that she wasn’t taught by the school teacher to do the assignment that way.

“So your mummy is not teaching you well,” the kid nodded in affirmative and responded with a yes. The mum then gave up and told her kid to do it the way she was taught. 

The young girl then collected her homework and stormed off the scene/ Oriental Times shared the clip on Facebook and this garnered massive reactions, particularly from mums who have had a fair share of such incidents. 

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Many people share their thoughts on the video:

Amara Perpetual Uzoamaka said: “This is annoying it’s exactly what I face all the time during home work, they will be like my auntie says we should not do it like that, my teacher didn’t thought me that way, my auntie this, my auntie that, even to eat it must be be my auntie, we closed the mention of my auntie after school o.” 

Abe Temitope Abigeal said: “She might be right ooo, her teacher may have a method she uses to teach her for easy understanding….it happens often btw me and my daughter ooo.” 

Ijeoma Saah said: “I have two like that at home, and that assignment will be done around 7am in the morning when they are running late, and there is no option again except mine and the Aunty’s cane waiting for them at school.” 

Kayine Kingsley said: “Parents should wake up to their responsibilities and secondly teachers should be pay well so that they can impact the right things to the young generations.” 

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