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Mom Insist Daughter Who Makes N630k Per Day As Make-up Artist Quit To Become A Teacher

A young woman who has been running a successful business as a lash technician has been asked by her parent to quit and pick up teaching in school.

While many are praying for their kids to have something doing, some are forcing theirs to have a “real job”.

A Twitter user, @idlette has revealed that her Makeup artist who makes $1500 (~630k) a day has gone back to school.

According to her, the make-up artist went back to school because her mom wants her to her a real job.

“My lash lady makes $1500 a day. She is in school to be a teacher… bc her mom wants her to have a ‘real job’ People who love you don’t always give you the best advice,” she tweeted.

The Lady whose Twitter Location says she resides in the US added that “Just so we are clear. Teachers do not make $1500 a day. Insurance can be purchased and you can start your own retirement accounts.

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The tweet which unsurprisingly went viral has received over 202klikes and 18k+ retweents. Read some reactions from the tweet below.

@TheQueenofKush: “Let’s think about it. Lashes are a luxury service. In a recession, luxury items go first. I’m not saying teaching is recession proof but I understand having another career that isn’t as expendable as a BACK UP.  And yes, entrepreneurs can save but it would still be very hard.”

@AmyEStarkey: “I know times are tough and making a living is important but this thread is so depressing. Does no one actually care HOW they earn $ anymore? Like, spending your day developing young minds versus putting lashes on ppl so they look good? Is it just me? No one cares anymore? 😥.”

@KEYP_iTFiT: “People who love you usually give you advice coming from a place of safety and protection. And that is sometimes not the best.”

@InTheMouthOfMa1: “People paying ridiculous amounts of money for lashes won’t last. It’s trend and like most trends it will be over. Her mom just wants her to have a profession that is more permanent.It’s really not that hard to understand.”

@ofstoriesnsongs: “Beauty will always be more lucrative than teaching. Teachers are quitting en masse because they aren’t paid enough for the shit they put up with, but people will always invest money in their appearance. Don’t underestimate the power of vanity.”

@RThirlkill: “Maybe because the eye lash thing is just like any other trend. If the right celebrity takes off their fake eyelashes and shaves their eyebrows tomorrow that trend will be dead and bag dried up.  🫰”

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