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“Most tech billionaires graduated from great schools. Don’t encourage people to drop out of school because Bill Gates did” – Lawmaker

Nigerian Lawmaker, Author, and Entrepreneur, Akin Alabi, has admonished people who advise people to drop out of school because Bill Gates did.

According to Akin, Most tech billionaires actually graduated from great schools.

Akin in a tweet wrote: “You see those motivational speakers that tell you school is not important, that education is more important than school, that in this day and age it’s all about tech and coding, that Bill Gates dropped out blah blah blah. Go and find out. They send their kids to great schools.”

In another tweet, he wrote:

”Over half of Billion Dollar tech companies founders have a minimum of masters degrees. Don’t encourage people to drop out school because Bill Gates and Elon Musk did. Let me tell you something.

“Elon Musk dropped out of PhD not JS2. Bill Gates was a rich kid with a mother on the board of IBM. Be comparing that with yourself.

“Go to school, send your children to school. It’s the best bet for the average person to succeed. Of course, you can develop yourself in other areas.”

Oloye Akin Alabi is a Nigerian politician, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He is the author of the best-selling business and marketing books, Small Business Big Money and How To Sell To Nigerians. He is the founder of, Nigeria’s first sports betting company. 

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Some reactions to the advice that caught our attention:

Olalekan wrote: “What I kept telling people. If you claim someone is successful without going to school, so why are their kids in the best of schools? Most especially as a Nigerian, education is very very important. Most misplaced the priority of education for success.”

Aremu wrote: “Those guys that dropped out most did so from Ivy league institutions with fantastic foundations, no be Federal Poly Ilaro drop out.”

Adia wrote: “I totally agree, they just preach what they don’t do, crazy stuff. Well for me I don’t think university is necessary, dropping out of school has been one of my best decisions. I was just wasting my time knowing I’m going to do nothing with this stupid certificate”

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