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MOUAU Important Notice to Students on e-learning lectures

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU) has released important updates to her students on the e-learning lectures. See details below.

The update reads as follows:

We observed that most students doesn’t care to read and understand details.

Firstly the University management through the DICT announced that the school is seriously considering embarking on E learning hence introduced zoom and created a telegram group for support which some of you are there. We shared a link for the tutorial on the use of the zoom application.

Then it started trending that MOUAU has announced her resumption date and that they are starting the e-learning. The post obviously made by bloggers generated issues as the University cannot start except when approved by Fed. Ministry of Education.

To this regard the management made a circular debunking the news already viral that they have announced resumption date.

Furthermore the management through DICT considered another learning management system CANVAS and shared the tutorial link so that students can watch and get abrased with the software environmental incase it is initiated .

Lets make some facts clear.

  • The E-learning process is highly overrated by some students. It is a learning system that is already being practised.
  • How many departments of this institution does not have a whatsapp page were information is circulated to students.
  • If a lecturer drops a soft copy of his lecture hand out of maybe about 20kb and you download and read from your home, do your assignment and submit back to him, is that not elearning.
  • Or is it now that we introduced zoom so that you can join a lecture from any location and watch the lecturer deliver his/her lecture at any location of choice.

The problem that most students has is misunderstanding.

The concept of the E learning is to help students, so that the effects of the pandemic might not be so much on them. So that a student can graduate as at almost when due.

Several concerns has been gotten from students and all are being put in consideration.

Note. The welfare and well being of the students of MOUAU is of great concern to the management.

This page @officialmouau is and will continue to be the official social media handle of the university, you can check it out from the University official website

Finally the only thing constant in life is CHANGE. Any one who cannot adjust and move with the trend becomes obsolete. Open up your mind to trend in technology, everything is going online now.

Update as at 19th May

In addition to the ZOOM App and due to the dynamics of our learning system here in Nigeria…the DICT would like to introduce you another E-learning application called CANVAS

Students are hereby encouraged to click on the link below for a tutorial on the Canvas LMS.

The Links 1. An Overview of Canvas LMS.

2. Canvas LMS – Student Orientation Tour.

Be properly guided!

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