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From Poor Nigerian Student to Professor in Cyprus, Young Man Celebrates

A brilliant Nigerian Architect, Professor Ifeanyi Obi who grow up being poor during his undergraduate in Nigeria has become a professor in Cyprus and opened a company in London.

The professor, Ifeanyi Obi, who narrated his story on Linkedin, stated that he was among the poorest students in his undergraduate class in Nigeria due to personal issues and a prophecy of a prophet claiming he will never achieve academic success.

Obi bagged his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Building Technology from the University of Nigeria (UNN), South-East, Nigeria. He however graduated with a second-class lower degree making his future a challenging stive.

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According to Ifeanyi, he was only 8 when he got a prophecy that he will never do well academically, adding that it broke him because he wanted to be a professor.

In his words:

I was only 8 years old, when a Prophet my dad called to pray boldly declared I will never do well academically. That I should be sent straight to learn trade. My fragile mind could not handle that prophecy as I wanted to become a Professor and I wept bitterly.

All through my studies I fought this prophecy. It wasn’t easy. Every time I failed a subject, something will say to me “maybe he was right after all. Standing today as an associate Professor is a great personal testimony to me. After I became a Professor, my dad had to apologise for almost ruining my vision as a young kid.

Not only did I become a Professor, I achieved that at a record breaking age. If you don’t like it, then don’t accept it. After all it’s written “prophecy shall fail”. God can say, Men can say and You can say but at the end, It is your choice which to follow.

In an effort to study abroad, Ifeanyi tried applying for scholarships but was severally rejected majorly due to his poor undergraduate performance.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve experienced rejections and denials as I move up life’s ladder. Schools in the UK, USA and Canada rejected my applications for Masters Studies, Scholarships rejections, job applications rejections; name them. But I understood that one acceptance always cancels out several rejections so I kept trying.

In another post, Ifeanyi revealed how his NYSC days were one of his toughest days but one man made it a turning point.

One of the most formative year in my life was during my Youth Service. Those days, I will walk long distances in order to save cost; Garki to wuse name them.

“A particular day that changed my perspective was the day a man saw me trekking and picked me up though he wasn’t going my way.

He was so empathic as he narrated his own story on how he also came to Abuja to serve and while walking to the office on a particular day, a man offered him a lift in his car and gave him a contract.

He went on to pray for me with tears in his eyes and asked me never to give up after hearing my story. Today his prayer have come true in my life because I didn’t give up.

14 years later, I’m glad I didn’t give up. From struggles to success. From barely eating 2 meals a day to having abundance to choose from. From a young Masters student to a young Associate Professor of Construction. From 2.2 CGPA bachelors degree graduate to a First class graduate in both my Masters and PhD studies and best graduating student for my PhD study. From begging to cut grasses and house maintenance jobs to creating jobs. The lists are endless,” Prof Ifeanyi disclosed in a post.

Professor Ifeanyi is the founder and executive director of ObiSoft Innovations UK, a BuildTech Software and Hardware development company.

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CREDIT: ALLSCHOOL, Ifeanyi Obi LinkedIn Profile

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daniel inya

The world will also hear my own story for good and it’ll definitely inspire someone such as his story has inspired me never to give up.

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