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Nigerian Boy becomes first in family to go to Varsity, Gets $1.3M In Scholarships

Omarion Ikaika Calloway, a brilliant Nigerian US-Based boy has been awarded up to $1.3m worth of scholarships to enroll for his Bachelor’s Degree in any of the 21 universities he has been accepted into.

The 17-year-old exceptional boy, Omarion who graduated from the Park Crossing High School in Montgomery, Alabama, United States was accepted into 21 universities in the United States after an outstanding performance in High School.

Calloway credits his late grandmother for encouraging him to apply to his dream school, New York University. At the age of 10, he became her caretaker and would even read her some of the stories he’d written upon tucking her in for bed at night.

Now that she has since transitioned, he aims to keep the dreams she had for him alive through his work.

“My grandmother…inspired me to apply to NYU,” he said in an interview with the outlet.

Not only has Calloway been accepted into 21 schools, he has also racked up the money to attend college. He now has over $1.3 million in scholarships as a first-generation college student.

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When Ikaika school shifted to virtual learning during the 2020 pandemic, Calloway was able to adapt quickly and maintain a GPA over 3.9/4.0, while many students found it challenging to switch up their learning styles.

“I have about 50 students in the program, I could have 25 of him, I think it would make my job a lot easier,” said J. Kelly Ross, a facilitator for virtual learning. “He’s one of those students that has an attitude that’s rare for a high school student. Pretty much already ready for college, I’m sure.”

As a kid, whenever Calloway felt like he was under a lot of pressure, he would use his love for telling stories as an outlet. After receiving a camera for his mother one Christmas, he would film his younger brother around the house, putting together short films and then gathering the family around to watch.

“I would just write down my thoughts and project them onto the characters I made up in my head and just went from there,” he recalled. “I just fell in love with storytelling ever since.”

When Calloway was 10 years old, he became a caretaker for his grandmother and his disabled uncle. 

Tiffany Calloway, his mother, spoke about how she taught Calloway to administer insulin for his relatives. His mother said she often asked him: “’Do you got this? Is this too much for you?’ And, he’d be like, ‘No, Mama, you’re good. I got this.’ ” 

At NYU, he wants to start an organization for “young caregivers,” where they can meet and raise money for them. 

“I know at NYU I’ll be trained in a media-based environment surrounded by artists like me,” said Calloway. 

“And, he has an extraordinarily positive attitude about absolutely every endeavor,” said Ross. “He’s one of those students that that has an attitude that’s rare for a high school student. Pretty much already ready for college, I’m sure.” 

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