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Brilliant Nigerian Lady Bags Both Masters and PhD From US Varsity With 100% Grade

A young and brilliant Nigerian Lady identified as Obianuju Okafor has become a scholar in Software Engineering after bagging her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from US Varsity with a 100% grade point.

Obianuju Okafor had her Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering where she graduated with outstanding First Class (3.9/4.0) from the Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus. 

While in 2017, she started her Master’s degree program in Computer Engineering and graduated with distinction, scoring all the available 4.00 points.

Obianuju Okafor immediately commenced her PhD at the same university and by 2022, she bagged a PhD degree in Computer Science still scoring all the available 4.00 grade points again. 

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Celebrating her academic success on Linkedin, Obianuju Okafor wrote;

Two months ago I graduated with a Ph.D in Computer Science. Choosing to get a Ph.D was me going against the grain. No one in my family has ever gotten one before.

Here are some of the reasons I chose to get a Ph.D:

1. I did it to increase representation for young girls of color. I want them to see me and know they can do it too! As the saying goes “You cannot be what you cannot see”

2. I did it to give myself more career options and to open doors for myself and the future generations of my family.

3. I did it because I wanted to use my skills and knowledge to make a difference in the world. My dissertation which involved creating an accessible programming environment for people with motor impairment reflects this.

4. I did it because I love to learn. I love expanding my knowledge base and gaining new perspective on different topics. 

5. Lastly, I did it because of my dad. Ever since I was little, he has encouraged and nudged me to pursue a Ph.D. If not for his unwavering support, I may not have gone through with it. He would have gotten a Ph.D too, but he never found the time to go back to school.

If you have a Ph.D, why did you decide to get one? If you are thinking of getting one, what are the reasons why?”

Over 2,000 LinkedIn users celebrates with Dr. Obianuju. Below are a few reactions:

Aromada Solomon wrote:

Congratulations and well done to you Obianuju Okafor Ph.D. I am sincerely proud of you.

The main reason I pursued a P.hD. was because of my mom. She was denied formal education because she is a woman. She was pained. Later in life, she learnt how to read and write, especially in her language. And her arithmetic is good. She determined that she must do anything legally possible to sponsor her children that are interested in education to the university level. I took that pain serious and I wanted to see the end of formal education for my mom.

Secondly, I was inspired by previous scientists to contribute to scientific knowledge. I wanted to be among people who advanced knowledge that is useful for technological advancement and also to question existing knowledge.

In addition, your reasons 2, 3 and 4.

Once again well done. I celebrate you😊

Dr. Swain wrote: Congratulations Dr. Okafor! I pursued a PhD because I needed to explore my intellectual curiosity and broaden my career opportunities. The PhD journey increased my self-awareness for my own personal values and skill set and guided my passion and interests. Best of luck in your next chapter!

Elvira wrote: OMG, I want to write this soon, because these are my exact reasons, in the same specialization and interest, CONGRATULATIONS and keep winning Dr. Obianuju 😍

Adaeze wrote: I love to see it! Representation matters so much and it is a valid reason to pursue a PhD! Congrats on graduating and best of luck in future endeavors 🎉

Smith wrote: Currently something I’m trying to achieve and literally for all the same reasons. I’ve applied to one school thus far and super excited to complete my other 3 applications. Would you mind sharing which school you attended ?

Nneka wrote: And you are super gorgeous too!! Congratulations!! I hope to get a PhD too, thanks for sharing.

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CREDIT: ALLSCHOOL, Scholarshipregion

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