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[OPINION] Schooling In Nigerian Universities Is Becoming A Mere Side Hustle

Education instability is becoming a constant occasion in the Nigerian education system and major factor behind this as glaring to all, is lack of consensus between the two major players, the federal government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). 

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The union, claiming their rights in term of a better working environment with access to benefits and entitlements, are making use of strike – an industrial action that forces educational operation in all government universities to a halt – to make demands from the government. 

Although students are displaying their outrage both online with hashtag #endasuustrike, and offline through protests on the streets, it seems no amount of shouting from the lamenting students, or students’ bodies like National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), can awake these deaf giants from their careless slumber. 

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The lamentation brought by frustration is tiring out a lot of students, and the fact that national government is currently engrossed in preparation for another run on the leadership race track, has increased their lackadaisical attitude towards education. Thus, education is becoming a side hustle – things one does aside the main thing one is doing, though, reversal should be the case. 

Therefore, amidst Strike, students are finding other things to do and are maximizing their time. 

The bitter truth, which is the most valid answer to the question asked above, is that no probable solution to the situation at hand. Students understand this, hence, they find other means of fulfilling their lives’ purposes. 

Some parents who are financially capable, for this reason, have changed schools for their children, from public to private universities, or abroad, where stability in the program is certain. 

The reality has dawned on everyone because despite loads of articles written, opinions tweeted, and other reactions from public, nothing seems to change.  

Oluwaseun Ojo writes from Lagos

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