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Reactions as 1st class graduate gets on the street with big board to seek job

The first-class graduate Haider Malik took to the streets, holding a board showing that he needed job opportunities, and took the job search to another level.

Haider said he needs an entry-level role or a graduate program.

British Nigerian man Emmanuel Fajuyigbe took a photo of Haider and shared his story on LinkedIn. He said that when he saw a job applicant, he was on his way to work.

He urged recruiters to contact graduates of banking and finance majors if they have a job opportunity for this young man.

In his words: “Morning all. This morning heading to work I just saw this gentleman Haider Malik, maybe this post will not be of help but if there is any recruiter out there please feel free to contact him directly. We live in difficult times and the job market isn’t the best at the moment.” These are tough times.

Emmanuel said that graduates are heavily indebted and it is difficult to enter the job market recently. In his words: “”Graduates are getting into debt and struggling to enter in the job market and let’s be honest, for some roles a Degree is not even required, what people need sometimes is just an opportunity.” Social media responded.

In response, a LinkedIn user named Jenny Simon said: “Thank you for sharing this! On behalf of many recruiters, I can say that you are providing a great service to us and all job seekers.”

James Adeleke wrote: “Generation Success and Lucy Burgess, we should invite him to join us on how to find a job in investment banking activities.”

Philip Akingbemisola commented: “Thank you for endorsing Haider. This shows your great heart. I wish him success in his job search.”

Dale Moore said: “I have a career in the banking industry. Some contacts may be helpful. If you are interested, please send me a contact request. He may also want to apply for our investment bank support program.”

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