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School-dropout who used School Fees To Invest in Crypto Says She Has No Regret

A woman identified as Natalie Arabian who left the university to pursue her dream of becoming a crypto queen has said she does not regret doing so.

The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 was the door into crypto markets for Natalie Arabian and eventually, a path to becoming a full-time crypto influencer in the ecosystem.

By April 2020, she told Insider that she was growing worried that the US Federal Reserve would start printing enough money to keep the economy going during the COVID-19 pandemic and that would mean a lot of liquidity in the system.

As her worries about the economy grew, she sought other investment alternatives outside the conventional markets.

She said she bought bitcoin at $6,7000 and ether at $173 and in the next two months, she bought more than 200 ether tokens for an average cost of less than $300.

As the pandemic was closing her doors of opportunity in the university and shutting out her biology degree online, she decided it was no longer the way she wanted to go.

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Arabian said the amount she began to make was unlike anything that she has ever made after her university and it got to the point where the opportunity cost of studying and being in school was just too expensive, she told Insider.

According to the crypto influencer she said, her plans to attend a graduate school would cost her more than the money she would have used in paying her school fees, and instead, decided to invest the money in cryptocurrency.

By August of 2020, Arabian left school. Since that time, she has amassed a social media following of almost 60,000 across Twitter and Tik-Tok, where she posts about crypto and investment advice on Web3.

Arabian said she does not see herself as an influencer but as an investor. The self-styled crypto queen said it was not her plan to become a crypto influencer in at first.

It came from a very normal place of having fun on Twitter and meeting people who have the same interest. Having bought the premier cryptocurrency, bitcoin at a low price in the past, she says the world’s largest crypto does not fit into her investment plan.

She said she started learning about the Ethereum technology and its ecosystem as she also began to shift position in all cryptos except her favourite, ether.

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