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See how you can Make Extra Cash as a Student in any Nigerian School

Financial incapability is a major reason why many Nigerian students drop out of higher institutions. The system is not only draining but also destabilizing, no thanks to the absence of adequate funding options in the Nigerian educational sector.

How to Make Extra Cash Everyday (1)

Owing to this, many Nigerians are forced to pay their schooling bills themselves, they are forced to cater for themselves while in school.

Catering for yourself as a Nigerian student impairs your focus on academics which in turn affects your academic performance.

But, the reality is that you can still pull through that phase and graduate with excellent grades.

At SchoolBiro, we are dedicated to improving the lives of Nigerian students by opening their eyes to the opportunities they can tap into while they are still in school.

We understand how draining it is to be a Nigerian student, and, understand how increasingly difficult it is to make money as a student.

So, in this guide, we have put together 4 ways in which you can make money everyday without using any other equipment than your mobile phone

However, to maintain our integrity, this list does not include the common ponzi schemes. This list contains tested and trusted ways to make money while being a student.

1. Learning a skill

Your best bet to becoming financially independent as a student enrolled in a Nigerian institution is to learn a skill. There are so many skills you can venture into and learn.

However, learning a skill ‘only’ might not make you earn every day. When you learn any of these skills, do the following:

  • Position yourself as an expert in the skill : Your Social Media accounts are not places you should toy with, many people make whole careers out of making good use of their social media pages.

Take Facebook for example, it is a public platform where many people connect and share ideas. Leverage on the volume of people who use Facebook everyday and make yourself known. Here are a few things that will guide you :

  • Find your voice by posting about your chosen and mastered skill on your social media pages everyday; people will gradually get accustomed to seeing you talk about a particular skill.
  • When you eventually find your voice, organise a beta masterclass for people. What this means is getting people to sign up for your free masterclass. When people sign up for this free masterclass, teach them about the skill. Teach them very well.

At the end of the class, ask them to share their testimonies about the Masterclass on their social media pages and tag you. Attach a gift (a short pdf or video or added benefit) to it for people who do this and promise them something.

Now, write about the Masterclass and show people on your social media pages the testimonies.

If you do it well, offers will keep trooping in for you almost everyday. Never relent. Organise subsequent masterclass and add a fee to it. Market the classes and make a whole lot of noise about it.

Your income will be consistent and over time, you’ll discover that no day will pass you by without a credit alert.

2. Be frugal with time

Time management is very essential, too. Instead of whiling away your time after class, pick a book related to self development and read it.

Invest in yourself as much as you can. And, the best way to do this is to be prudent with time.

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Set a daily plan for yourself : Plan your day immediately you wake up. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to read on self development everyday. Dedicate at least 10 minutes to meditate.
  • Allocate the number of minutes you want to spend online and, when you want to use social media.
  • Set a purpose for each day and outline your daily tasks.
  • Lastly, make your daily goals and tasks easy to attain. When you start, it will be hard on you. But, over time, you’ll get used to it. Then, you can increase the hardness of the tasks.

3. Develop a good saving culture

It is counterproductive to spend money gotten from hard work on things you do not “need.” You need to understand the difference between your “need” and “want.”

Needs are things you can’t exist without while Wants are things you can still exist without. Spend only on your needs and, in your days as a student, ignore the wants.

Remember that the goal as a Nigerian student is to be able to cater for both your needs and wants.

When you develop a good saving culture, invest your money in long term financial investments. There are so many of them, nowadays.

Now, how does this make you money everyday?

When you invest, your income gets increased everyday. The total amount you get after the span of time of your investment called the ROI (Return on investment) increases daily 

Passive income is the sweetest. No toils. No problems. No hustles. Just your savings working for you somewhere.

4. Blogging

Blogging is gold. There are so many opportunities for you in blogging if you take it serious.

Here are some :

  • You can earn as an affiliate marketer : If you work well with your blog, you can make money by displaying products in strategic places on your blogs. This source of income is passive too. Because, the more people come to your blog and buy the products displayed, the more you make. And, sometimes, even when you’re sleeping, someone somewhere is buying the product displayed on your blog.
  • You can earn through Google AdSense. This works the same way as the above. The difference is just that you don’t place the Ads yourself, Google places it.
  • You can earn through influencing. Linda Ikeji started her influencing business with a blog. So, you can, too.

We Hope the article “How to make extra cash as a Nigerian Student” is helpful.

We answer all comment. Ask us anything by making use of the comment section below.


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How do I develop myself and how can I get a self development book to read

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