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Teacher Who Dumped Pregnant Girlfriend that Helped Him Pay School Fees, Begs for Forgiveness, Marries Her

They say love is blind, and we all agree with that. A Kenyan man, Nicholas Karani, has narrated how his wife took him back after leaving her while pregnant.

The duo fell in love after the lady, now a mother of two, boarded Karani’s taxi, and they exchanged numbers before moving in together.

They broke up after the lady got pregnant, but Karani said he swallowed his pride and decided to carry out his responsibility as a father.

In a lengthy post he shared on the Thriving Couples Facebook group, Karani said he was a taxi driver when they met. 

Karani said they met by the roadside, and after riding together in his car for over 30 minutes, he knew she was the one.

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“I was from dropping students at their home then on my way out I met her waiting for a PSV to her place. I parked right beside her in a provoking manner. ‘Where are you headed to?’ I asked. 

She responded, ‘Chuka…how much?’ ‘KSh80’ I replied,” he recalled. 

An economist by profession, the lady bargained and told Karani that KSh 80 (N285) was too high and usually paid KSh 50 (N178). 

“I started giving excuses of how petrol had gone up atleast it earned me KSh 20 on the initial KSh 50 bob. She hopped in and sat on the co-driver’s seat. 

The stories began,” he narrated. Karani said they kept conversing until the lady arrived at her destination. The two became close and even moved in together. 

“She would make delicious supper for me while I went to hustle to raise my university fees,” he said. 

The man, a high school teacher now, revealed his wife, who was employed by then, used to help him pay his school fees, but in 2019 before he graduated, they broke up. 

One year later I swallowed my pride and was ready to work things out. I called her back to my house and she was pregnant at that time and I was guilty because I was not there for her and then I took up the responsibility and swore for better for worse.” 

The couple is blessed with a daughter, and Karani described her as his ‘friend and a confidant

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