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Third Class Varsity Graduate Becomes Manager in A Big Company, Man Narrates Story

A Nigerian man identified as Olajide Abiola has narrated an inspiring story of how his school son became a country manager in a big company.

The young man was initially scared about his future because he graduated from school with a 3rd class but Olajide encouraged him.

The inspirational story was shared on Facebook by a data scientist and military veteran, Olajide Abiola, on how his protege rose to the position of being a company manager in a big company despite graduating from University with a Third Class.

Olajide wrote on Facebook: One of my school sons/proteges graduated with a 3rd class. He performed his NYSC with my young company in 2010. In fact, my company was just barely a year then.

“I taught and equipped him with a lot of facilitation, writing, admin and managerial skills.

“I could barely afford to even pay him then. As a matter of fact, on one occasion, he packaged half or 40% of his salary in an envelope as a gift. His own way of supporting.

“When he was seriously sick at a time, I did everything I could to get him well. I once literally took him on my back from the car into the hospital.

A day after his NYSC POP, I was sitting on a pavement outside my office (Labour House Abuja at the time). He came to sit beside me and said he wanted to tell me something and would like my advice. He proceeded and said “egbo, I graduated with a 3rd Class.

He was expecting me to be shocked or disappointed. I simply looked at him and said “what about it if you graduated with a 3rd class?.

I knew his concern and worry was about getting a job, and the what will people think stuff. I simply reminded him of how the company where he did his industrial training actually wanted him to come serve with them but due to NYSC’s refusal to transfer him to Lagos.

He was initially posted to Maiduguri, and when he attempted to work it to Lagos, he found himself in Abuja. That was how I requested for him to serve in my company.

I told him to return to that company and take up or accept whatever he is offered and prove himself. He did exactly that. The company later sent a request to attest to his character and performance during his work/service with my company. Oh yes, I wrote a good one that captured the fact about him.

The boy resumed in that company and within 9 months, he was confirmed, promoted and given a car. 2 years later, he became an assistant national sales coordinator. Today, he is the COUNTRY MANAGER (Nigeria) for one of the largest chemical companies in the world.

“Personally, I don’t like hopeless people. I don’t sell hopelessness to people. I don’t indulge toxic negativity and pessimism around me. I don’t. I do not begrudge those who are as long as they do not try to force their hopelessness down my throat.

Many times, I take pride in what many have become as a result of just being an instrument of tell them the right things to do

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Nigerians applaud 

Olajide Solomon Tunji wrote: “This is inspiring. Thank you for propagating and distributing hope.” 

Adeniji Barakat commented: “You are an excellent mentor. May God continue to bless you Sir.” 

Fasina commented: “One of the reasons I follow you on here, sir, is that you inspire principle, hardwork and diligence. Reading your updates have helped shaped my views and perspective on life. Thank you for teaching me so much freely, sir.” 

Amara Lynda reacted: “God bless you, Grades don’t move me any longer, but competence and capability do, and these are the most important things a company will consider before considering or employing you.” 

Samuel Kelechi added: “Inspirational I must confess,this one is unusual.” 

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