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“This is Wickedness,” Reactions as Teacher Allegedly Brutalizes 3-year-old Pupil

A school teacher named Mrs. Taiwu was trending on social media for allegedly abusing her 3-year-old student.

In the photos shared on social media, there are obvious traces of crutches on the child’s legs.

Twitter user @nwaadaigbo1 shared a photo of this toddler with an injured calf and wrote;

See what a teacher did to a 3years old child. I feel like crying right now. Please, her mum has reported to the headmistress but nothing has been done. What do you advise her to do?

According to @nwaadaigbo1, the name of the school is ADEOYE SCHOOL, in IYESSI OTTA, SANGO AREA, OGUN STATE and the name of the teacher is Mrs. Taiwo.

Some Nigerians have reacted to the brutality. Below are some of the comments ALLSCHOOL collated:

@Okoro Ruth said:

She’s practically high on wickedness. Jeez.
This is a saddening honestly 😭
Does she not have kid(s)?
Why brutalize a small baby like this?
I totally condemn this act.
The school authorities should take very strict measures to ensure that she doesn’t go Scott free……
As a matter of fact, she should be arrested also…

@Ify Etsee said:
Jesus Christ, what did the little innocent child did to deserve this brutality…ha God! Na to wait for that teacher for road give her the same mark o, and then take her to the police station o, i don’t understand the new trend of wickedness these days ☹️☹️

@Mma Eka said:

These are those who ended up in teaching out of frustration of not finding a Job. They take this frustration out on innocent pupils.
Teaching is a calling… it’s a ministry on it’s own. It’s a calling of compassion and passion. Yes, if you don’t have passion and empathy, you dare not say you are a teacher. That’s because it requires a lot of patience. If you are not patient, you can’t impact
Every child is not the same. They don’t assimilate nor behave the same. It takes a good teacher to patiently devise ways and methods of attending to every child according to their strengths, abilities and emotional needs
Some teachers have done more harm than. Some have killed the self confidence of their students because of their unprofessionalism. How can a teacher tell her pupil, you can’t amount to anything like this. You are too dull, etc. They kill the self will of these children but expect them to do well
I pray this country gets better, so people will do what they truly want to do from their heart and not what comes their way

@Rahamah said:

Omo. Some teachers are wicked.
That was how one teacher beat me because her child told her that I broke her rubber spoon. The girl lied o. Me and her were in the same class and she was our class teacher. The girl was trying to use the spoon to eat and the spoon broke. She didn’t know what to tell her mother to avoid beating that how she lied against me o. Innocent me.
My mother removed me from the school and collected back my full school fees after threatening the school proprietor. My mother told the man that she was going to report to police if he doesn’t return my school fees in full.
My mother showed the teacher small craze before leaving the school too.
I can never forget that experience.

@berry toochi said:
Haba! 3 years! She’s still a baby now! Abroad she would still be at home .
Well can’t be me cos right now that teacher would be in coma dragging her life from the land of the living and the dead.

@ocheja said:

What effrontery??
Some teachers are naturally wicked Haba..
How can ?
Thank God is not my child..that teacher will see werrey that has been on disguise.

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