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UNILAG First-Class graduate recounts how his age worked against him in Nigeria as he secures a top job in the U.K

A Nigerian first-class graduate has taken to his social media page to share how his age stopped him from getting a job in Nigeria.

According to Taofik, he got his Bachelor’s degree at 28 but the age factor companies set in Nigeria prevented him from landing a job despite the fact that he graduated with a First class.

Read his tweet below;

At 28, finished first class, BSc in Finance from Unilag but couldn’t qualify for a grad role in Nigeria due to age factors. At 32, Now working at Bloomberg London office as a sales analyst covering Europe and US corporates. If Nigeria doesn’t value you another country will.

Some reactions to the story:

Fynboss wrote: Always be specific, if companies in Nigeria do not value you, not Nigeria. You schooled in Nigeria paying subsidized fees and the education you got is enough to get you your job Abroad. That’s value if you ask me. Congratulations by the way. Keep making Nigeria proud.

Nze Uche wrote: At 26, I graduated First Class. The first person to finish with a First for over thirty years of my department’s establishment. I wasn’t considered for a GA coz I’m not an indigene of the state. Two of my course mates were employed as GAs with Second Class. I’m still pushing

ThankyouGod wrote: Not indigenous to the State? But you’re a Nigerian citizen…the State is not a separate country. I don’t think they should discriminate against you in the country of your birth. That’s not fair. Talent should compete anywhere in Nigeria…it’s a free market.

Ike wrote: I graduated at 26 with a 2.1 in Accounting, did NYSC at 27 and then followed by my Master’s degree. Nigerian companies said I was too old to be employed. Saw people with lesser qualifications get chosen ahead of me for a job because they were younger. Nigeria will frustrate you.

ThisIsDickky wrote: Nigerian employers no get sense before na. Entry level with 3-5 years experience. Make them dey get experience for school? The worst na when dem add “not more than 24″…like how?? No be juju be that??? Nonsense and eNaira.

Deeola added: Oh well I used to think like this, until I realized and learnt that your semester and session breaks aren’t to be wasted just sitting at home. Getting internships and volunteering in your field racks up your experience. So asking for 3years of experience isn’t far fetched.

Aj complained: At 26, graduated with a first class honours in Mass Communication. I wasn’t even considered for a graduate assistanship position when I applied for one despite taking my academic pursuit seriously. Tilted & reset my compass. I move on!

Chuma added: You should be able to make the best out of your 1st class. If you choose to be in the academic, speak to your lecturers, ask to be mentored. There has to be a way to do your Masters or PhD straight in that institution. You can explore oversea scholarships with your 1st class.

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