UNILAG to Investigate Sexual Allegation Against Lecturer

UNILAG to Investigate Sexual Allegation Against Lecturer.

Latest Update: 

UNILAG Lecturer Accused for Sexual Assault Finally Breaks Silence. Read the Gist HERE.

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The Management of University of Lagos (UNILAG) says it will investigate allegation of sexual harassment leveled against an unnamed lecturer.

The school authority in a statement from the office of the Vice-Chancellor Corporate Affairs Directorate Communication Unit sent to The Nation said the issue would be thoroughly investigated with transparency.

Photos had surfaced online showing a man said to be a lecturer with the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, was captured nude on camera while attempting to have sex with a female student.

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The unnamed female students who shared the photos said the lecturer was fond of harassing students.

“I have been suffering this for months now. Whenever students go to his office, he is always fond of trying to touch you. I took pictures of him on one of the days I entered his office” she said.

“I am not his first victim. He does this all the time to students. I have completely given up when it comes to academics, as he had failed me on some occasions. When I talked to him concerning it, he said i should know what to do since i am adult. I feel so dirty for even allowing such an old man touch me. But he doesn’t even care as long as you satisfy his wants”.

“I’m tired of everything. He should be stopped before he ruins the lives of other innocent girls in that English department. When he touches me I am always in tears but it doesn’t stop him”.

The school statement read “The attention of the University Management has been drawn to a news report trending on social media in respect of an alleged sexual harassment involving an alleged lecturer in the University of Lagos”.

The Management has a zero tolerance for allegations pertaining to sexual impropriety, and has a well-established policy against such practices.

 “We wish to reassure all our stakeholders, students, parents, members of staff and the general public that Management will not treat this matter with levity. Management will tackle the allegation with every sense of responsibility and seriousness that the matter deserves.  The issue would be thoroughly investigated with transparency”.

 “Management respectfully solicits information from members of the University community and pledges confidentiality and protection”.

Source: The Nation.

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