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UNILORIN 400l Student Attacks Lecturer openly on Campus [Video]

A video went viral online showing how a 400L student of Unilorin attacked a female Lecturer openly on Campus.

The reason behind his act is still unknown.

However, it was later reported that he was taken to the university’s security department to take appropriate action.

Reacting to the news,

@Adeleye wrote:

I can see a lot of comments here justifying this barbaric act.Well, I am not surprised because such act is a fallout of the moral decadence that pervades our society today.One may need to be a staff of any Nigerian public tertiary institution to understand how badly discipline has deteriorated in our institutions of learning, where degrees ought to be awarded based on being found worthy in character and learning.Most of our students don’t even focus on academics again. Their priority is in using several illegal means to acquire wealth, for the purpose of intimidation.Some of them use the proceeds from their illegal activities to purchase cars that a Professor’s annual salary cannot buy and thus sees no reason to have regard for anyone, not even their teachers, simply because they hold the believe that they’re better than anyone.Sadly, their only indicator of success in life is the exotic nature of the car you drive and your spending power.In all honesty, I fear for the future of this country as most of the current set of youths will be brutal with power.

@Opeyemi wrote:
This is serious.If that guy is not under influence of drugs or a psychiatric patient,I will advise that lecturer to be careful even if Unilorin expel the guy.A student that can beat up a lecturer openly on campus alone and still wait to be arrested can easily such a lecturer.The safety and security of that lecturer might not be guaranteed

@Lassi wrote:

Random Brainwave With Baba Karamo.
I have just watched a disturbing video on Elufowora Eluyemi Lateef ‘s Facebook page of a final year Unilorin male student who brutally assaulted his lecturer(a woman) on campus. This action is totally unacceptable and I am sure the University authority will investigate this unfortunate incident as urgently as possible.
On a personal note, I am used to persecutions, hatred and intimidations all the way from my primary school up till my Unilorin days. I was once unlawfully expelled from the University in 1996 for activism and journalism during Abacha military dictatorship but later officially pardoned to finish my Bsc Geography degree.
In my primary school, Mr.Kehinde(now dead!) nearly turned me into a one-eyed man due to serious beating and in my secondary school, Baba Shomoye (Yoruba language Babalawo teacher) showed himself pepper, trust me to defend myself back to back. He died some years ago in Abeokuta. He even used 4 policemen to arrest me as a teenager.
Let me remember another Oloriburuku “beautiful” teacher, Miss Ogunkoya, she just hated me for nothing. I was always afraid to attend high school then because these teachers must pick on me for whatever reasons. Where are those sick teachers today?
My Unilorin days in the 1990s? That’s another interesting drama. Dr Ajani Adeyemi(murdered in cold blood by suspected cultists!) failed me in 100 level because he suspected I was dragging a beautiful girlfriend(now living in America) with him. This lady was never my girlfriend but we used to read books together for exams.
On the fateful day of Adeyemi’s examination, GPY 193, Introduction to Map Reading. This lady wanted to sit next to me in Africa Hall. I ignored her when she was asking for something. Adeyemi saw the drama from his secret corner, he suspected examination malpractices, and he destroyed our papers without any investigation. I wept in my heart in 1993. From that sad moment, I decided to become a student activist. Mission accomplished!
Can I quickly re-open Professor Oriola’s matter? I once wrote an open letter to him, waiting for him to drag me to court for libel. I love cheap popularity! He refused to register me for my 400 level courses because he said I was an expelled student and must not even be allowed to enter the campus.
I told Oriola that the “Kangaroo” panel set up by the Vice-Chancellor already pardoned me and he can contact Dean of Students Affairs(DSA) to confirm my studentship.He did not listen to my long story. Where is Professor Oriola today? Can he look at my face today to say rubbish???
Let me try to analyse this recent Unilorin drama… It’s either this student is mentally sick, on expired cheap weed, remotely controlled by his village witches and wizards or provoked beyond words by his lecturer.
It’s an open secret that majority of Nigerian lecturers always act as “Deputy Gods” as if they did not attend schools. They are always ready to frustrate students through many means.
As a female student, if you’re not ready to open your legs, you’re on your own to graduate from the school. That’s the raw truth.
In conclusion, I am still waiting to read official press statement from the University of Ilorin management over this abominable incident. ***Dare Lasisi writes from Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Watch the Video Below:


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