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UNN medical student, Mirabel Obi-Wan speaks out on her alleged expulsion over twerking in a bikini on campus

UNN medical student, Mirabel Obi-Wan has spoken out on her alleged expulsion from the school because she twerked in a bikini on campus.

A video that went viral on Saturday showed a lady in a bikini dancing amid cheers from other students. Alongside that video was another one, where a man, identified as the UNN Dean of Students stated that the student would be expelled and prosecuted for her actions.

She has however taken to her Instagram page on Sunday to clear the air on the removed expulsion, stating that she wasn’t expelled.

“It is no news that a female UNN student was expelled from UNN after supposedly stripping to win 10k in a dance competition. Well, I am that student. Normally I would let this slide because I am not clout chasing and I owe no one an explanation, but I’m tired of seeing different fake news on the story and at this moment. I feel it is pertinent to address this issue publicly.” said Mirabel.

She also disclosed in her post that the money set for the contest was actually N30,000 not N10,000 as contained in the news that has gone viral.

“The Dean of Student Affairs got hold of the video and I really do not know what they told him about me that made him rage in so much anger and also to make the decision to expel me. I am not and was never expelled because we all know that you cannot expel a student on the ground of twerking.

While lamenting her, she said twerking was not against the school rule at all. She stressed the fact the act does not mean she is unserious or not focused and that gaining admission in the school to study Medicine in the University which required a really high JAMB score to be given admission is an indicator of her excellence and seriousness academically. She added she creates a balance between such activities and learning.

She further said, “ I was only harassed without being heard from (the authorities in question badged into my hostel and ransacked my properties).

“Ever since then, I have faced so much humiliation, I don’t even know how to come out anymore. I keep wondering if it was really worth it. A lot of my properties have been damaged and some are nowhere to be found. Like how do you invade someone’s privacy?”

According to Mirabel, there was no issue of expulsion as contrary to what went viral adding that she was only harassed and her properties ransacked.

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Hy please I want to ask is it possible to defer a single semester in buk and if one returns how does he one cover the deferred semester?

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