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Valedictory Speech: I never competed to be the best, I only strive to achieve excellence — FUTA Overall Best Student

Taiwo Oluyale, Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) overall best graduating student has revealed that she didn’t compete to be the best student but just strive for a good result.

Taiwo said this during her Valedictory Speech at the 24th Convocation Ceremony of the Federal University of Technology, Akure.

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Taiwo Oluyale, is the 2020 overall best graduating student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA). She graduated with a CGPA of 4.89 from the Department of Building Technology.

Her valedictory speech partly reads:

I give God all the glory, honor and adoration and thanks to Jesus Christ the author and finisher of my faith, my personal Lord and Saviour. It is with great honor and prestige that I stand before you today, on behalf of Graduating class 2020, to give this valedictory speech. I am full of gratitude.

I will like to talk about my journey in FUTA. I never competed to be the best, I only strive to achieve perpetual excellence, and fortunately other things were added unto me. I always thirst for knowledge. I evaluate my skills on a monthly basis, and I always strive to add new skills (both digital and non-digital) every month. My philosophy is always to be better than who I was yesterday.

Hmmmmn, I’ll like to tell you that I have passed through so many challenges in the course of my study in FUTA. There was a time I was away from school for more than two months, myself, my doctor, my parents and my friends were all scared about my health status whether I would make it. I had to do marathon reading when I finally returned. It was the most stressful and challenging period of my life. There were times we pleaded with our landlords to extend the payment deadlines of our rents. There were so many other issues that time will not permit me to mention. In all, I give Glory to God.

Dear distinguished Class’ 20, our graduation today is a testimony to the glory of God, and to our hard work over the past couple of years. Dear colleagues, do you remember the mechanical drawing (MEE 101) stress? The times you would not take your bath before going to class? The times you felt so lost and confused? The times you cried alone at the corner of your room? Times you decided to forget about your crush to stay more focused? Times you read something but something else surfaced in the exams? Times you rushed and squeezed yourself in the school iron shuttle bus? How about the fun you had on the CSP 210 farm? The anxiety of tests and exams? The apprehension of checking your semester results, group works, and individual projects? Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic frustration? Times you had to cope with other personal life issues. Those are now memories we will remember for the rest of our life.

I dare to say that we are all strong and winners because all those experiences refined us to become proactive, better leaders, better innovators, good business men and women and excellent scholars. NO WONDER FUTA GRADUATES ALWAYS DOMINATE THE WORLD.

We have been refined. Regardless of our class of degree, we have all done well! I celebrate us all! We are all unique, vibrant and energetic! I have no doubts that everyone in class’ 20 will grow to become great ambassadors of our dear institution (FUTA).

I know many of us are worried about the next step to take, I am equally worried. However, my message to you is to believe in God and in your capabilities

Moreover, let us always remember and pray for Nigeria wherever we find ourselves.

Whatever life throws at you, take a deep breath and deeply echo the slogan of our great FUTA: “Technology for self-reliance”.

To the undergraduates here, I encourage you to give your best to your academics. Learn both inside and outside the classroom. Take advantage of the power of technology. Take deliberate actions to be digital literates (learn relevant software). Manage your time and set your priorities right. You are the greatest motivation you can have.

We wouldn’t’ have been graduating today without help and push from good people around us. I would mention that I have personally enjoyed the company of good people around me. I want to thank my parents so much for their relentless prayers and support.

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